Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Cloaked in a vagueness"

In today's NY Times, the layout staffers again placed Verlyn Klinkelborg's editorial, Rural Life, in its customary place, at the bottom of the editorial column. Bringing up the rear with his fettlesome thoughts.
Klinkenborg's words have resonant merit, always. In today's piece he mentions of his forebears in Iowa in 1936, and the great snow of that year. I was born in Iowa, in 1936, in that great snow, and we safely made to a hospital before I emerged, thanks to good old Uncle Lee, who was on duty then, driving a Cedar Falls city snowplow. Uncle Lee cleared a path, in time.
It was the earliest time for me.
Perforce, cloaked in a vagueness.....

NYT rural writer,

Verlyn Klinkenborg


In yesterday's post, the SRN goofed badly.The Leonard Pitt column intended to be rendered in readable form was truncated at the right margin, cutting off some of the words, and we did not catch it before hitting 'send'. Today, in the interest of space-saving and electron conservation, we attach a link for those who wanted to be able to read Pitts' piece. We deemed it more than good enough for the raccoon news:


It is Three Kings time.

We attach a link to pianist Pamela Howland's fine rendition.

Pamela is the sister of our inspired pastoral locutionist, interim Minister, Rev. Deborah Howland.
The facial similarity between the sisters is stunning and beautiful.
See what is meant by that. For those unfamiliar with said likeness, watch the video. Then, come to see and hear Rev. Howland at First Congregational UCC, 100 E broadway, Waukesha WI: