Sunday, July 22, 2012

Here's lookin' at you, kid; Dawn landings; Come rain or come shine

This is what Dee and I see when we open our eyes in bed.

In the current heat wave
the unshaded skylight high over
our bed throws a bit too much warm sunlight
 upon us

so we strung a small rope 
between the painted ladder
and the loft landing shelf
and suspended the beach umbrella
with the carved Yibawean handle
over the bed, thus shading us.

"Hey, Dee,
hey David,
What's Up?  Zapnin?"

The umbrella hails from another incarnation
when the YIBAWEAN SOCIETY was born
in 1987
on Arcadian Ave, Waukesha
Yes, I'm Bald And What Else?
(Prof. Leo Buscaglia: "Always ask What Else?"


The scene in our office this morning at 4:30 AM
when the computer goes on for another day's work
creating this organ & etc.

The flashing lights from our router and wireless
internet connexion boxes
in the early gloaming
resemble an outer spacial
rectangular saucer coming in
for a landing.
(Another day, another dollar;
another landing, another dirty shirt.)


The recent break in the heat wave
came in the form of a weather front
and a much needed rain. 
The blue sky in the east gave way
to the gray incoming western sky
out our Odd Fellows windows
and the rain came down.

Not having our better camera handy
and knowing how quickly the sky changes
we took out the pocketed inexpensive
Lower Crustacean cell phone camera
and stopping it down luckily captured
this image.

The tune goes with it: