Saturday, August 11, 2012


Some SRN readers will be relieved to know I had the YIBAWE
license plate re-attached to the front bumper.
at the only place to go for car-fixing:
Zellmer & Son Auto Repair
Gary Higbee, Owner/operator
The Strand, Waukesha WI


So it's Ryan.
You know how the devil sometimes takes on the form and shape of attractive beings.

This fine young man from Janesville shows, in the selection of him for running mate, that the true bent of the madmen behind the Republican scenes is to destroy the social caring woof of our national warped yarn.

Suddenly then, I, the editor of the raccoon news,  become enamored again of working for my disappointment, Barack Obama.
Truly the far lesser of evil, sieval-leaking choices.


Lee, Erin and Ben are here today from Appleton WI and NYC.  More on that later, next Saturday.