Saturday, September 15, 2012

Small potatoes; Not having a 3rd hand when you need it is No Vise; Friede! (Beethoven's 9th)


These one-to-two inch organic fingerling potatoes came from the farmers market last Saturday.  Bringing
them home, we put them in the late Duffie Bruning's relish dish.

They are really small, but tasty.


Cut-outs of Romney and Ryan leaned against the fence leading to the Love Memorial Bridge across the Fox river
into the farmers market.  We didn't buy any of that, and found these small potatoes
really bland.  Some shoppers clamored to have their pictures taken with the figures.

Others walked by in ho-hum disgust.  We'll see how it all comes out.


Son David wrestled our big vise in storage at his place up to our loft office, where it found immediate use. 
A fast but old pencil sharpener saved from the former days was held securely while a bucket of craft pencils were brought to  quick points for a church project Dee had.  The children sharpened many a Hadfield school pencil on that old but still working machine.

Not wanting to add screw marks to the Odd Fellows unit, the vise worked well.  We had to be careful with ir or we could have crushed the soft metal sharpener base.  IT IS POWERFUL!

Over many years lots of weathervanes and other things were brought to completion from raw, junkyard steel in the 517 garage.

The vise stands on a large heavy tire rim and is held at working level by scrap angle-iron we welded securely.

Here, a canoe paddle we decorated with the Alaska flag emblem,
the Big Dipper constellation, is touched up and adds another vertical visual in our 18 ft high dwelling.

Festoon Fox still stands guard, C-clamped to the loft edge.  The carpet is protected by a sheet of HD plastic.

The old vise stood the test of time and heavy-duty usage, receiving at times glancing blows of 2600 degree C
cutting gas from our torch.  It withstood all.  Holding a pencil sharpener does not pay it suitable honor.
But we are using it.  Soon I will straighten a metal soup spoon with a bent edge.

There is a small anvil on the end of the vise.


John Helt sends a 9-11 balm
and we are moved to tears.

The Raccoon is reminded of the cellist who took his chair to the Sarajevo Bosnian
town square during the artillery and bombardment.

The artists, musicians of the world
will keep the faith,

Helt's salve rec'd 9-11-12:



Chorus: FRIEDEN!