Friday, November 16, 2012

Jose, did you see?; Katy D.; William drawing; To Don Gehrmann


The other day
by the dawn’s yet invisible light
a fleet shadow beat in place on the street
at the foot of your early morning Dave's Café

caused by old glory rippling furiously
in a westerly wind as it flew tethered
to the lamp post outside my window
and yours from the other side

of the downtown Five Points.

Due to the nearness of the bright street light shining
scant inches from the Veterans' Day banner
the shadow on Broadway was wide 
and darkened a large patch of pavement

outside the diner where you worked
with Pam the waitress to open your place
for the first customers at 5 AM sharp.
Your own sign lights were not on yet.

It was a purposeful marching in place
that broad gray shadow
and the wind made the fabric snap
- I heard it from above -
so resolute was the otherwise invisible force.

It made me think of your routine, Jose,
of the hard force that earns your success
day in, day out, at the short-order grill
you so expertly play, feeding the hordes 

trooping in and out of your café door.
It’s music to watch you work
playing that long grill like a J P Sousa marching xylophone.
Just you, turning eggs, bacon, sausages, American fries

pancakes, omelets, chorizzos, rib steaks and everything
on its proper grill space tended with multiple forks
And spatulas which you rap on the hot metal
With the rhythm of the Lionel Hampton player you are.

(DZD 11.16.12)


1957 Lionel Hampton FLYING HOME

A Waukesha institution at the Five Points

Has anyone thought of asking Jose to serve on the BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT (BID) BOARD?

Call her KD

Katy D.
is a new cat in town

She moved into the Odd Fellows
on Nov. 15th
in her official OF costume
as a murderous spider

It is difficult to spot her
but for her eyes that reflect green
when a camera flash is triggered.

Here she was pictured
before we knew her and she was a hopeful candidate
for adoption  at the humane society.
This was a PR shot taken by the clever people out there
on Northview
who are great in composing their ads.

In this picture the direction to the cat might have been

Katy now provides a black silhouette at her post in the window.
From our Facebook:

Night number one: After an evening of continued getting acquainted with each other and this labyrinthian Odd Fellows hall with its many passageways and secret places, upstairs and down, Katy retired with us and after much continual purring settled to sleep on Dee's pillow between her head and the headboard. I slipped out of bed to come up here to get my camera to see if I could get that. Katy and Dee sound asleep on a common pillow. After tip-toeing up the stairs slowly, as quietly as I could, I switched on the office light to get the camera, and there Katy was, at my feet. Black, she is not easily discernible. Well, so much for the picture. Now she reposes in the rocking chair behind me at the keyboard. ^.^ This looks like solid friendship.

Katy has on Day 2 pretty much finished
checking the perimeters of her new home and has established 
a favorite resting place on the middle window sill, encouraged
by the clearing of space and placement of a small blanket for her to lie upon.
The bird feed tray is in a different window.

Now, expansively, she demonstrates a keen interest in mischief.
Modest Xmas lights give some cover, but not much.

We bought a fleece-lined cat bed for the late Mona
but try as we did, she did not like it.
On Night One, Katy goes right to it on her own
giving yet another indication that this is a
very different breed of cat.

The adoption procedure at the new and attractive HAWS shelter is professional
and caring.  Animal specialists abound.

This marker stands at the door
as users of the facility come and go
in joy, and............ sometimes, sorrow.

Right now, we've got one very happy cat!
All are happy!


A drawing of one of his cats  was done for me in the back pew of the peanut gallery
by William Redding, now age 12.  I asked him to sign it and date it as it would 
one day be valuable.  He perhaps half- (or totally)  believingly obliged.


Don Gehrmann, Olympian Miler
was our high school hero

We correspond with Don today.
He is 84 yrs old.  We're 76.