Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Round Table; An update; Food please; Obamarama

Round Table

The 6' diameter table above was recommissioned
to serve at the Odd Fellows
when we took residence here
in 2010.

It was made from 2 x 4s glued together
then cut into a circle with a Milwaukee saw.
I beveled the edge with a small belt sander
which also did the top suface.
The legs are 4 x 4s held on by 
 large lag bolts from two directions.

It was made for a duplex we occupied
next to Friedens Church
to be a dining table and served for the
many church meetings held around it
by Friedenites who were serving
a dying church at 13th and Juneau.

That was 1982.
I carved a poem radiating out from the lazy susan
in the center.  The poem was composed
with my woodburner as I wrote
the following lucky words:

~Around this table
ebb and flow
the friends of the Dixes
come and go~
We wish you well
We love you so~
Do please come back
and have some mo'~
Around this table
wax and wane
special folks gather
whether ill or sane~
I'll hold your weight
and bear your pain
Fill your heart and guts
make you right again~
But if perchance
a cure's not found
for your ailment
you'll rebound~
Feel free on this surface
to rail and pound~
At a place such as this
your spring is rewound.

The old table has had many finishes
with paints of varying colors
and each time the top has been painted
I reburn the letters to make
the words readable.

It got stored on the front porch
for about 5 years because
following my heart surgery in 2005
we converted the dining room
into our first floor bedroom
so I could avoid stair-climbing.

But when we knew we were coming
to the Odd Fellows
I wanted to re-use it, to resurrect it.
I washed it well and repainted it again.
I had my 6 ft tall son Leland lie on the dining L
floor here to see if it would fit.  It would.

Now, lots meals have been partaken of at this sturdy table
and 2014 60th HS reunion beginning plans have been laid here.
(Pictured below left to right, Sally Martin Von Briesen; Jack Hill; Jim Billings.)

Our friend John Helt sat again at the table on 1-15-14, MLK Day.
He was one of the first to sit at it when he was a freshman minister
of Friedens UCC Church in 1982.

For the past 5 years John has served as called minister full-time
at St. Pauls UCC in Hubertus WI.  We have covered him extensively.

In the photo herewith we discussed the affairs of our two churches
and other news of the day.
John married us at Friedens in 1983.

We've remained friends.

Re the final table photo, a small bell hangs at each
of the four 4 X 4 legs so KD is happy.

toenail-clipping time

Progress of the Amaryllis
(an update!)

Open for business
Bring on the bees or moths
or manipulated Q-Tips?


We know this routine well....
 (Not quite this severe)

Sent to us by our daughter, Alaskan homeless shelter director, Laurie

A Raccoon stringer feed


Steven Spielberg
Daniel Day Lewis

(In this space we originally ran a calendar oddity
which did not pan (Snope) out.
So here's something else I was going to run
also inspired by my watchdog son, Leland: