Saturday, May 24, 2014

b/w Silver Spoon; Kindness in Waukesha; Lecture; Clouds at OF; A beautiful Jewish ritual; Company coming!


The trick is using counterbalancing

Jello eaten from re-used sherbet container
Is what I mean


Kindness in Waukesha
Bill Penzey sends out good Waukesha WI words
with the Penzey national spices/catalog current publication.


A father lectures soon-to-be son in law


Thanks to John Marotta for sending clip to the Raccoon.


my thoughts are scattered
and they're cloudy....

Cloud formations out of the Odd Fellows windows
bottom image is the 'Bay of Wisconia'


via Email from Rev. Tom Bentz

An Open & Affirming Church

Tom says to The Wauk. Raccoon:
"A joyous Jewish wedding in Italy
(Long die Mussolini, Hitler and hate)
as a cantor croons an Andrea Boccelli love song in Hebrew." 


Company is coming!

We have some special guests today, Saturday,
visiting us for the first time at the Odd Fellows Putney.
As luck would have it, Fiona of Berg Management
is planting this year's variegated Impatiens in the big bed
in front of our building...

Dee put finishing touch to some super crackers she made
from scratch, using a pastry cutter to get the jagged edge.
Each cracker is cut singly and came out a perfect golden brown.

Note to Doug James:  Behind the crackers is our old Joan Beringer Pripps
tray she painted up near Still Woods WI...I'm gonna be watching for morels
at the Farmers Market, fyi.

Taking a break between bakings, Dee and KD Cat sit at the Main St. windows.

Cannot divulge cracker recipe or the lunch menu of Dee's at this time.
The crackers do have a lot of grated Swiss cheese and rosemary in them.

This much-pictured in the raccoon loft apartment has never stood so tall
in preparation for these guests, also un-named at this time.

("Your shoes and brass WILL be highly POLE'-ished!" - 1st Sgt. Ft. Leonard Wood MO)


(Want fries with that?)


My congratulations and thanks for those who have so well freshened the mighty Fox River that flows through our community. Very nearly the best job possible, given that we’ve built up to it all around. It now isn’t possible to take it all the way back to Native American times, when it was totally clear, drinkable, and lovely in it’s natural state. But the blending of the Fox - especially through the downtown - in it’s cleaner condition with the commerce of our 21st century population is approaching idyllic.

We have received with pleasure the artful representations of dragonflies, lily pads, cement foxes, and the children-climbable metal bears at river’s edge. I only suggest that 
attention might be paid to the raccoons who live beneath the city. Not everyone is aware of them, apparently. We see them coming and going under darkness at the storm grate at our corner. So accustomed to them are we that we refer to ourselves as inhabitants of the Sewer Raccoon District.

I understand it’s an ancient family of many many raccoons who have followed the tunnels of the sewer to various single family side dens in a commune that holds their meetings in a main chamber purported to be beneath the old post office downtown.

There they pay fealty to their ancient and rheumatic king who holds forth amidst a vast treasure of purloined goods that has been accumulated over generations. The raccoon king, I’m told, wears a cape fashioned of a purple velvet drapery sample adorned with now hard to find corked bottle caps and broken pieces of glass.

The king on certain nights sends his descendants out and up into the city with their burlap bags over their shoulders, to gently burgle. Here we’ve made our peace with them and regard them as just another rightful Waukesha species that could be paid homage the next time a statue in the park is erected.

Very truly yours,

David Zep Dix, citizen and 
Ed. / Sewer Raccoon News
Waukesha WI 53186

 Big finish (fini):

Ode to a sewer raccoon