Saturday, June 7, 2014

Berg; Delicious + Jim Backus + Utube - "...I knew you'd never miss a reunion, put 'er there!"; Dogs of the farmers market; Soul man


On Thursday, June 5th, Berg Management sent two men
over to the Odd fellows to measure for a new skylight shade
over the landing up to our office

and to remount our summer air conditioner
in the center front window.

The unit is so large that it takes two men to lift it
into the window.  A special bracket is custom-built
for the 137 million year old limestone sill
to fit the machine at proper position.

As the windows were put in in 1882 (the Putney bldg)
it is necessary to be innovative, which the Berg folk are.

KD Cat awaits return of the furniture to it's proper arrangement.


Now with the air conditioner in we will no longer be subject to the
noise of the traffic - foot and vehicular - below on the street.

Most bothersome are the motorcycles such as the several
that vroom-VROOM-VROOM! around down there.
The riders are either of low intelligence or not-caring -unmindful? -
of the folks that live in these upper downtown apartments.

Sometimes - often - I've seen cycle-riding customers of the cigar bar diagonally
below us revving their engines seemingly to impress their fellows or passersby.

Wait'll the guests of the finally sold and coming upscale boutique hotel
get a load of the cacophony down there right outside their windows.

When people such as we choose to live downtown in a mixed environment
like this, we elect to accept both the joys and aggravations.
 Friday Night Live starts tonight (6/6). Annually it can be fun to look down at the
celebrants flocking the streets, listening to the conficting bands competing for the air,
and sometimes joining it all, down on the street.

(Last night - it's Sat. 6/7 today- we got a call from our son who had our baby great
grand-daughter Emmalee down there...a rendezvous was prompted.)

Double joy comes to us on summer Friday nights because the streets
are closed to traffic.  That means the motorcycling bar customers cannot reach
their nearby libation destinations via roaring bikes.

I would no more BB shoot exceptionally noisy cyclists
than I would 'sever in twain' grafitti artistes, or the 2 AM bar closer-downers
who hoot and holler at the top of their lungs awakening us, or the vomiteers
over-served at the too many downtown bars...but the worst spoilers are the blasting motorcyclists!




and this tribute:


The dogs of the farmers market