Sunday, September 21, 2014

Once; Headed for a dance; Dawn downtown

Please note:  this Raccoon is posted SATURDAY
not Sunday as is stated by Google,

...maybe conferring for the SRN collector
added value in printing it out
as is the case for the Jenny stamp
briefly printed upside-down -
now worth thousands:


Saturday Raccoon 9-27-14 as follows:


the train has left the
station you can't take it
Once the promise has been
broke you can't unbreak it.

If the letter has been sent
you can't rewrite it.
If the cigarette's been smoked
you can't not light it.

Not the candle's snuffed
you can't see by it.
Once the seat's been sold
no one can buy it.*
The phone is disconnected:
don't talk to it.
The window's painted black;
you won't see through it.

The scotch tape end is lost,
you can't unwind it.
The earring's in the lake;
you'll never find it.

And now the money's squandered—
you can't give it
back. And time is short;
you have to live it.

"Once" by Jonathan Galassi, from Left-Handed. © Alfred A. Knopf, 2012. 

* Regarding 'seat's been sold':

Yesterday, I saw two old church folding chairs in the show window of Burlap and Lace repurposing shop around the corner from us on Grand Ave.  They were printed 'Trinity Cong.' on the back.  Congregational church basement seating, the old-fashioned wooden kind.

 As I've had a fondness for folding things, I ruminated over these chairs for a day:

Old Poem

Today I inquired about these chairs of the manager  of the store.  She today had them set up outside her shop in the sidewalk with other miscellany nicely displayed.

She said they were today 15% off, so I could get them for $15 ea less 15%.

I bought them right off the street.

Otherwise they were gonna be SO sold out there in plain sight.




Play this:


Of a morning this week:

Sitting in my chair at the Odd Fellows
I watched the effects on out-of-the-night clouds
as the sun rose.
"Red Sails in the Sun(rise)"
(We heard from others subsequently that they had marveled over this sunrise sky, too. 9-25)

Just before that (5 AM), having heard the tell-tale chains
rattling off the shackled outdoor furniture
at Dave's Cafe

signaling his (Jose's) outdoor ambiance
was ready for his contingent
of early morning smokers
and any other patrons;

three regulars took their post
at curbside under the then un-sunned umbrella.
The cigar smoker,
the pipe smoker,
the cigarette smoker.

Different vapours in the undarkening 
as the days grow shorter.