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Memorial Day; Then what are we fighting for; Walt Lohman; Misc. pix

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Most recently appeared in the Waukesha downtown blog TAKIN IT TO THE STREETS 5-22-15
(LANDMARK quarterly - John Schoenknecht Ed.-  had it in 2007)


This event took place at Arcadian and Hartwell during Carol Lombardi's mayorship.

For us - wife Dee, son Lee and daughter Erin - who were there that Memorial Day, with me at the camera,

it provided a memory for this Memorial Day:

Cousin Craigie and I raise the flag in 1942 at our grandparents' in Cedar Falls Iowa.


Cartoon from The New Yorker

As a liberal they can't take that (the flag) away from me....

Take that! Ann Coulter et al


Waukesha farmer/cattleman Walt Lohman, first on right,
good friend of Uncle Lee's and the SRN editor
is currently laid up after an auto accident
caused by a driver who was high.
T-boned Walt and his wife Shirley.

Won't be marching for a while
but is making a come-back.
We'll be breakfasting at Dave's again soon.




The Everyday Enchantment of Music

by Mark Strand

Listen Online

A rough sound was polished until it became a smoother sound,
which was polished until it became music. Then the music was
polished until it became the memory of a night in Venice when
tears of the sea fell from the Bridge of Sighs, which in turn was
polished until it ceased to be and in its place stood the empty
home of a heart in trouble. Then suddenly there was sun and the
music came back and traffic was moving and off in the distance, at
the edge of the city, a long line of clouds appeared, and there was
thunder, which, however menacing, would become music, and the
memory of what happened after Venice would begin, and what
happened after the home of the troubled heart broke in two would
also begin.

"The Everyday Enchantment of Music" by Mark Strand from Collected Poems. © Knopf, 2014.


Another BB:

BB's first confirmation class after years serving congregations of older people
[Brittany Barber the Rev. 1st Cong., Waukesha 5-17-15]


Misc. Pix

Mississippi Sawyer
1-Man Band, Farmers Market 5-16-17

M. Sawyer, IBID

At Dave's with Angel 5-16-15
Owner Jose's son
Upward bound in college
serves customers AND himself eats 
his dad's fine cooking!

Coming out of the historic 1st Nat'l Bank
- after seeing the restored terrazzo floor on a history tour -
Sharon Vallee of the 1st Congo, 5-16-15
white-jacketed blonde, center

Sharon is the adopted mother of Dolly
the three-legged dog.

Dolly was minus a leg when Sharon took her.
Dolly has been trained and now brings comfort
and cheer
to residents in nursing homes etc.

Swallows (or Swifts?) seen swallowing Fox River-hatched bugs
out out windows
have been catching them by hundreds
in big swallow/swift flocks that move up and down the river
 at this hatch-time. Could they be Mayflies?

Trout fishermen habitually watch for such insect hatches 
at their secret creeks and rivers, we're told.
Ravenous, the fish bite more readily on their lures.

Been there, seen it.

David Farragut James
formerly of Fox Point WI
circa 1958
catches great trout
near Wales WI

Young man, confirmed
tells of his church relationship
(see above top)

Odd Fellows rose (chocolate) in rare very late afternoon direct sun; it's our fated dwelling's angle

We do see beautiful sunsets, actual sun being a few degrees west of us



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