Saturday, March 5, 2016

Four score; Hats; Tunes; Sewer Raccoons get new home; Asterisked items

Davidad with great-grandson Wyatt, 2-28-16

If you're happy and you know it...
(blow your horn)

'Davidad' Zep Dix plays gourd horn, a recognizable rendition of
HAPPY Birthday. 
(Volume stuns crowd)

Woo -Hoo!

Last Sunday we had a little family gathering here at the Odd Fellows hall
to give local area members a chance to gather for an unsought by me but welcome celebration
of our having crossed the 80 year marker.  Dee arranged the soiree.

The indicated people were here (arrows)
and in spirit my daughter Laurie and son in law Phil (of the Moose bone) from Wasilla Alaska were here too.
Also their two girls, Grace and Ruth.
Additionally, ** Grace's new husband Alex Lindgren.

Out of range but arrowed in the picture
was my brother Steve,
and wife Dee, often covered elsewhere in the SRN.

[This still pic is from a video Lee took and sent from NYC.  He traveled the farthest to be here
for the birthday.]
Unfortunately, the best picture - labeled here -  was sightly out of focus, but we're going with it anyway.

 We must have moved the camera slightly as we hung over the balcony.

This just in:  pic showing brother Steve (and Dee) from Sue

This is the hat we chose for the birthday occasion.
It is a cotton Nepalese number in our collection
for many years dating back this old ode entitled


A hat for every purpose
a hat for every day
some hats for high impressions
some for modes of play

A hat to keep a head warm
or to shade it from the sun
a head to shed sou-westers
or bullets from a gun

A hat for graduation and
there's one that's out of sight:
the net while in pajamas
to keep your part just right

You may have a hat with horns
on top but be sure to have a reason
People will laugh; and  stay out of the woods
during white-tail hunting season

And the hat with the propellor yes
a decent collection needs one
Th day may call for a French beret
or a skull-cap for stadium yellin'

There is no doubt hats are here to stay
put a box in your various closets
Your hat investments will grow and grow
when you're lacking hair deposits.

[DZD circa 2000]


(Wm's card is right on)


Erin's composite  CD gift


Never goin back again, Fleetwood Mac

Here comes the sun, Beatles

Twist and shout, Ray Charles

North to Alaska, Johnny Horton

+ many etcs...


Sewer raccoons get new home
right outside our windows, Main St. Waukesha


* Moose bone from son-in-law Phil, AK:

** Grace and Alex wedding 2015
Hatcher Pass, 2015


Ref:  Vocal from last Saturday's Singing Fairies poem.  Borrowed from an old round we sang in grade school.

(full disclosure)