Saturday, August 13, 2016

Nard - rubbing down with; Better music; C-clamp; Expeditionist; Zepata episode III


(courtesy Rev/Dr Tom Bentz


Something there is that doesn’t like permanency
         Or any semblance of it………….

Oh yes, we’ve assembled many a thing with nails and screws, even with oxyacetelene welding, to make them last.  But under it all we’ve always had a thing for configurations that can be quickly taken apart.  Folding tables, telescopes, umbrellas, tents, stuff that can be made smaller or made to disappear at will.

It is even more so now.  Could it be that I am aging and see my remaining life as a camping trip?  All trappings to be easily folded and put away when the time comes?

I thought about that when it came time to assembling a wire trellis framework up on the deck, which in our old house is merely a 2nd floor rug-shaking porch only slightly bigger. How would I build this framework?

Simple to nail or screw it to the existing deck members, but my mind came coming back to someone eventually taking it down, and how much easier it would be if I just used C-clamps.





Easily assembled things
including for a hoe-worse

episode III

Zepata and El Dayo
Instalment III

For the next several days
Zepata and Dayo only hear each others'
sounds as they shout encouragement
to each other, Zepata with Irena
in the cabin, and Dayo and his mare
in the hastily-constructed quonset
a barn of sorts

For Zepata the amigos will do anything
and Zepata wants Dayo to have a roof over his head
for when they are at rest
so the amigos dragged corrugated steel
sections up the mountain for Dayo's

It had to be steel because Dayo when he
is with his mare destroys wood structures
beats them to the ground
so intensely as with all things
approaches and executes El Dayo
so great a hoe-worse there never was

Now this is the thing for Zepata and El Dayo:
Irena and the mare are not playthings
for the two stallions'  rest and relaxation
Oh yes they are that
but when there is liberation work to be done
against the Federalis and wealthy land-owners
in the lower lands
they ride together at random times as a foursome
to keep Irena's and Mare's
blood up

to keep Zepata's and Dayo's blood up
for in May Hee Ko blood is everything

Something of Zepata and Dayo
has gotten inside of Irena and Mare
making the latter as furious fighters
fierce and likewise indefatiguable
in all ways and everywhere
as the former

After six days of jousting retreat
a mirror flashed a signal from down below
Tomorrow signaled the compadres
Come tomorrow
Bring the dynamite
Bring the women

Saw-dight comforts Zepata
We have one more night here
Irena pours red wine and uncovers
the leetle creek-et cages she made
during Zepata's absence

and the creek-ets, from down below where
Irena gather them
good and true Mexican bawgs
 begin to sing
begin to lull Zepata
the music of them so much he did love;
and Irena in the dusk lights a candle
and oils her lithe body with a concoction
of her own:

Rosewater for a base, then added equal measures
honeysuckle nectar, axle lubricant blended
with saddle mink oil and Witch Hazel heated over
candle flame to bring out the scent
to flood the cabin with the scent
her long and slick black mane wound
into a wreath and secured with catgut
from her guitar case

Already Dayo's hooves were punishing
the quonset
a primeval sequence which incited
Zepata's pituitary
incited Zepata to shout encouragement
to his faithful steed from their distance:

Ole, Dayo, Ole old hoe-worse
Ah-ha-ha ha-ha
Ah-ha-ha ha-ha
rejoins El Dayo
They think alike these two
In so many different ways