Saturday, September 3, 2016

Old carny/playground equipment; This just in; Allow me please; Rose of Sharon 1997; Crescent City (music by Paul Weston 1950s); VII

NOTE This photo was taken by Waukesha Freeman reporter
Lauren Anderson along with an article also done by her last week
about having fun in the waning days of summer.

Please pay attention to the "been around a long time"
city to city, town to town condition of the smiling effigy.

 These are old amusement ride creatures
gathered at the Paul Bobrowitz outdoor art gallery
where he has hundreds of his metal sculptures,
Colgate Wis.

Go, take the children.

this ring being iron netted me nothing, until now.

a museum piece

This ring which you see in the SRN weekly
is the realest of things
symbolizing my biggest of all time win ~
Denise Means ~ so far a 33 year great 'ride'
save my own iron shortcomings

Here she is mothering our children
at the Walworth Co. Fair  attended with the Helts.


This just in:


Allow me to give you a quick wake-up call

"Creak me out!"

This morning he awoke around the usual time
and coming to near regular level of wakefulness
and facing toward the door out of the bedroom
~ away from Dee's side of the bed ~

he was heard to holler:

This is what he says often
when he believes Dee may be gone
off to get coffee at the Cup
or off to work more likely

leaving him to peaceful slumber
quiet as a mouse so not to disquiet
his normal way of waking up
gradually, at his own pace
retired old-timer that he is

However he was still floating in never-
never land and without reaching his hand
over himself to her side of the bed

he jolted awake and shouted
his What Are Ya Doing?

Dee was inches away and still asleep
but perforce woke with an slightly irked start:

They dissolved together in laughter,
Dee's old partner mis-spoke:

"Creak me out!"

He meant Creep me out
but had it right
the first time.

[photos taken at La Quinta Inn, Appleton WI, 2015]


VERY dried Rose of Sharon

gathered into a plastic bag as a walk was 
around a favorite  WVA destination
on Wheeling Island, boundary between
Ohio and West Virginia

a struggling reclamation of old gentility
gotten to by crossing the old suspension bridge
which is historic, also herein:

Mood fits Raccoonwise with Crescent City album; Paul Weston


by Mark Strand

Listen Online

Oh you can make fun of the splendors of moonlight,
But what would the human heart be if it wanted
Only the dark, wanted nothing on earth
But the sea’s ink or the rock’s black shade?
On a summer night to launch yourself into the silver
Emptiness of air and look over the pale fields
At rest under the sullen stare of the moon,
And to linger in the depths of your vision and wonder
How in this whiteness what you love is past
Grief, and how in the long valley of your looking
Hope grows, and there, under the distant,
Barely perceptible fire of all the stars,
To feel yourself wake into change, as if your change
Were immense and figured into the heavens’ longing.
And yet all you want is to rise out of the shade
Of yourself into the cooling blaze of a summer night
When the moon shines and the earth itself
Is covered and silent in the stoniness of its sleep.

"VII" by Mark Strand from New Selected Poems. © Knopf, 2007

from end to beginning