Saturday, June 3, 2017

home again; she had baked a cake

What doesn't belong in this picture?

It has been about three months since we 'published' the Raccoon News.

 In late March we fell and broke a hip and an attached leg bone.

Thus began a more intimate familiarization with our bones.

A long story of rehab ensued.

We are now finished with most of it and are at home on South St.

The photo of us having hobbled to the table with our new walker
was taken today, moments ago in fact.
our 'graduation' from Linden Grove Mukwonago was marked by our target of
negotiating the 6 steps in our third floor down to our hallway front door.

W were then presented with the walker and after a month at Linden Grove
were given our marching papers.

Marching an overstatement at the moment.

We were heartened by the kind and careful treatment given us
there.  The therapists brought us up to the levels we now employ
and for that we are grateful.

From unable to move the left leg without excruciating pain
to this wonderful state of moving from place to place
with the aid at the moment of the walker is a blessing.

The therapists Tammy and Chris (lnsu) primarily accomplished
this what seemed to us as a miracle through careful manipulation from
square one to now.

We briefly thought that age at 81 it would be perhaps undoable.
"You CAN do this" still rings in our ears.


and walked through the door to our much-missed
home, there was the welcome home table,
uncluttered as shown in the photo above.

It held flowers and a welcome home strawberry cake Dee 
had baked, a simulation of the covered crockery cake plate
given us by the Rev. Leroy last year.

It was the we say zany strawberry plate that belonged
to the Reverend's late mother.

Dee had done it again, our Metatron angel.
Without her, since long ago, we wouldn't be here.

~ That is all for now ~