Friday, August 25, 2017

In a vise; Rivers we have known; Down by the riverside


the vise now reposing here at The Odd Fellows

that we made with welded angle-iron
and a scrapped steel tire wheel
around 1980

Many an object did we fashion on this
tool doubling as an anvil
and acetylene steel-cutting holder

Life itself is a matter of firm grips
and a holding-on
is it not?

Sometimes we hang on by our fingernails


Rivers we have known

Ohio River,  Wheeling West Virginia

Fox River, Waukesha WI in flood bears ears protrude

Dave's Falls, Beecher Wi  

Fishing for walleye on Menominee River, Marinette WI

Bill Vollmer, Marinette, cleans a mess of walleye from the Menominee across the road from his home

Fried Menominee River walleyes cooked by Jane Vollmer

David and Sally, Peshtigo River, WI