Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brussel table decoration at Dave's Cafe

Many people
are not aware of how brussel sprouts actually grow.
That was the case this morning when we met Mark Doremus for breafast at Dave's across the street from our penthouse home.
We'd been to the Waukesha Farmers Market before meeting Mark, where we bought a stalk of sprouts and laid it on the tabletop as a festive touch.
Mark showed the waitress, above. Other diners came to see.

It was a crisp morning, with our newly hung outside thermometer reading 40 degrees. Presently it is up to 62. Interior temp with no radiator augmentation was and is holding at an even 70. A good sign, perhaps, of our coming low heat bills?

The market merchants were drinking hot coffee and wrapped warm to hold back the shivers. Soon they will close up the Saturday morning market, but not for a precious few more weeks, and we will continue to take advantage of our ability to just stroll across the street to their site along the Fox River, where seagulls skim and happy gleaners gather.

See unobtrusive mini-thermometer affixed to bldg exterior. Marked in red. Dave's is at the brown awning, lower right.

Held to 1882 masonry with one little strip of Gorilla Tape (R)