Thursday, October 7, 2010

Still down there

Raccoon spotted recently entering a Waukesha sewer grate
reports SRN correspondent

While gathered here at the Sewer Raccoon Headquarters yesterday, animalist Hawk Mahoney reported that he saw not long ago a raccoon at Newhall Ave (RR crossing bridge) and West Ave, scrambling into a sewer grating.

He was under unstressed oath to tell the truth, for he sat beneath the eagle feather attached to the gong at our dining room table. In the proximity of said feather, only the truth may be told. This feather, for readers concerned about the legality of our having it, came to our possession many years ago as a gift that daughter Laurie in Alaska mailed to us here in Wisconsin.

Laurie worked at that time at a raptor rehab veterinary hospital. The magestic bird had been gunshot by an Alaskan hunting fool, and lost the feather in the healing process while under the clinic's care.

The bird survived and returned to the wild.

Truth be told