Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow days

Tucked within her aerie while a blizzard rages outside, Dee does paperwork and enjoys the morning with Mona the cat curled snugly on her lap, where Mona habitually is. Telephones on the stepladder are at the ready for anticipated calls.
We relish the knowledge that we will not have any snow to shovel in this storm, which in former days would need shoveling a few times, incrementally. No salt to spread. No mailmen or newspaper carriers to worry about slipping on the front porch stairs.

Reminds me of my losing jingle once submitted to a 1940's radio show sponsored by Carnation Milk:

Carnation Milk is the best in the land
I have a can right here in my hand
No tits to pull, no dung to pitch
just punch a hole in that sonofabitch!

I got a letter from them saying they liked it
but could not announce me as the winner.......

Tonight we will dine on snow crab from Empire Fish store and sip Rolling Rock, inside, with no trip involved. Two feet of snow is expected at least, with drifting later in anticipated high winds.

"They're writing songs of (snow-shoveling) love
but not for me (and Dee)........"