Thursday, February 17, 2011


IN THIS ECONOMY, certain elementary school teachers are taking steps to put books in the hands of their disenfranchised students. In our son's Houston TX school, where funds are tight, Lee, aka 'Mr. D' to his kids, has just successfully acquired funds through a matching fund program called DONORS CHOOSE( to buy several books to help his English as second language 5th grade girls learn the basics of reading. This will better equip them to navigate through their math curriculum that Lee, as a Teach for America teacher, has chosen.
Lee has just managed to get a lot of books for his pupils, 'the College Rockets' as they are known.

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15 hours agoMr. D. the Teacher

Dear Denise Dix,

WOW! This was funded in merely 2 days and you are all so amazing for helping out.
My students will be so excited tomorrow when I tell them this great news. They are very gracious and kind young ladies and will absolutely respect these materials.

You all value literacy, and they know it is an important step to their success. We have the motto of being 'College Rockets on a Mission' and these graphic novels will help them realize that reading isn't just to pass a test, or something you do to get to college, but reading can be fun!

I can't thank you enough, my friends, supporters, and kind strangers.

With gratitude,
Mr. D.


Here are the books Mr. D got for his students:

Attack of the Mutant Lunch Lady: A Buzz Beaker Brainstorm ScAKJ Books$3.861$3.86
Coraline Graphic NovelAKJ Books$7.791$7.79
Amazing Spider-Man, Volume 9: Skin Deep Mike Deodato Jr. (ArAKJ Books$7.791$7.79
A Midsummer Night''s Dream (Illus. Classics) HARDCOVERAKJ Books$15.561$15.56
Queen of the World!AKJ Books$5.451$5.45
Musical, TheAKJ Books$5.451$5.45
Babymouse 11AKJ Books$4.671$4.67
Babymouse 13AKJ Books$5.451$5.45
Our HeroAKJ Books$5.451$5.45
Beach BabeAKJ Books$5.451$5.45
Babymouse: Rock StarAKJ Books$5.451$5.45
HeartbreakerAKJ Books$4.671$4.67
Camp BabymouseAKJ Books$5.451$5.45
Skater GirlAKJ Books$5.451$5.45
Puppy LoveAKJ Books$4.671$4.67
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Illus. Classics)AKJ Books$7.761$7.76
Benjamin FranklinAKJ Books$6.201$6.20
Count of Monte Cristo Paperback BookAKJ Books$6.981$6.98
Gulliver''s Travels (Illus. Classics)AKJ Books$7.761$7.76
Hamlet (Illus. Classics)AKJ Books$7.761$7.76
Romeo and Juliet (Illustrated Adaption)AKJ Books$7.761$7.76
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Box of Books Jeff KinneyAKJ Books$43.681$43.68
Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish Neil Gaiman, Dave MckeAKJ Books$14.031$14.03
Nancy Drew Boxed Set: Graphic Novels Volumes 1-4 Stefan PetrAKJ Books$23.361$23.36
LA686 - The Book CenterLakeshore Learning$79.001$79.00
Vendor Shipping Charges ?$0.00
State Sales Tax ?$0.00
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee ?$4.45
Fulfillment Labor & Materials ?$35.00
Project Cost Excluding Donation to Support$336.35
Optional Donation to Support ?$59.36
Project Cost Including Donation to Support ?$395.71
Partner Funding Offer-$197.86
9 Donors-$197.85
To Go$0.00
Grades 3-5