Saturday, February 2, 2013

Aaron Thiesenhusen's shirt; Friedens garden; Only when you take it from my cold dead hands.....; Halloween dancing; Ham-bone; Jamey with 'ey'; Bell ringing; Spring

Aaron Thiesenhusen wore the shirt we painted for him
to church yesterday.  We'd given it to Aaron as a Santa Lucia
gift just before Xmas.  It was a blind drawing of names
and I got Aaron's.
This shirt came from Joe Beringer who has given us
several unworn or lightly worn shirts in the past
 months. Joe and I wear the same size.

We gave it the 'ZEP'ian treatment with the necktie.  Aaron
wore it to church at our request, though he did not 
have to do it on a day as cold as it was.

That's the kind of guy Aaron Thiesenhusen is.  
Had we known he was going to do that
we would have come to the fellowship hall
where he waited for us to eventually appear.  As we had 
a congregational meeting right after service,
I, ironically in a real necktie for once, had to be
hied out before that began by Aaron's wife Deb
 to see his donned and waiting attire.

We did not have a good camera with us except 
for the lower crustacean cell cam, so we
got a passable shot with that and augmented it.

In fact, sometimes the result with that camera
alone adds features or effects that are desired.
 In this case the light from above in the high-
ceilinged hall portrays a kind of halo over
Aaron's head.

That is well-deserved, in our opinion.

He is holding his recently-born beautiful son, Brandon.
The Congo, now 175 years old,  is lucky to have these folks!


On the subject of painted objects:


Lonely Harvest

As a child, my father helped me dig
a square of dense red clay, mark off rows
where zinnias would grow,
and radishes and tender spinach leaves.
He'd stand with me each night
as daylight drained away
to talk about our crops leaning on his hoe
as I would practice leaning so on mine.

Years later now in my big garden plot,
the soggy remnant stems of plants
flopped over several months ago,
the ground is cold, the berries gone,
the stakes like hungry sentries
stand guarding empty graves. And still
I hear his voice asking what I think
would best be planted once the weather warms.

"Lonely Harvest" by Margaret S. Mullins, from Family Constellation. © Finishing Line Press, 2012

Dee, wife of SRN ed., was instrumental in getting that Friedens garden going.

She also helped establish he Waukesha Community Garden still on Northvew Rd.  
See photo above with our plotted family.


currently re-reading)

Therapy needed
 in nursing home
to get me back,



KD finally plays with the bell thumb-tacked to the table leg!
With all her toys scattered about, she has not deigned to 
bat at that particular bell.  And the only camera handy was the
cell can in my pocket.

So, better than nothing
for I'd wait a long time probably
to get her doing that again soon,
this Lower Crustacean picture
- augmented -
is provided.

You may remember this one shot with the good camera:

If winter's here