Saturday, February 9, 2013

Darkness prevails in the downtown; KD plays piano;Cat on wheels; Stool redux; Etc.

Dave's Cafe survives black-out

"Defenseless under the night
Our world in stupor lies;
Yet, dotted everywhere,
Ironic points of light
Flash out wherever the Just
Exchange their messages:
May I, composed like them
Of Eros and of dust,
Beleaguered by the same
Negation and despair,
Show an affirming flame."
WH Auden, Sept. 1939

5 AM, .Wed. 2-6-13, Waukesha:

Dave's, good old Dave's.  Their interior lights illumined the outer dark, their sign blared OPEN.
The downtown  street lights have been out, (and still out Sat. 2-9!) but Dave's blazes on.

Those two street lights outside our Odd Fellows windows, being OFF, cast an unnatural gloom
on the Five Points except for Dave's and the life-saving Alano Club.  But wait a minute!

What's that?  A 'quadruped' wearing a mask with a gunny sack over his shoulder? Dashing from
doorway to darkened doorway, peering for things to steal that are on the king's shopping list?

The waiting underground raccoon king, of course, has dispatched his coon runners
out into the night, gently burgling,and even more facilely filling their bags, now that the streets are dark. They are looking for 'slices of pizza in the gutter, broken glass, bottle caps, and pieces of metal bent just so.' Whatever the king wants he's listed for the obedient raccoons. 

Heigh-Ho!  Every night is New Years Eve for the masked raccoons in the shadows of downtown!

There's a burglar down at the end of the still store-lit street.
What are these trinkets in that window?  They look like beads. and beads are on the shopping list, 
the coon burglar notes. I must grab some while they're still there. I've got the broken glass and bottle caps:
~ check~.

Burgling is a good downtown business right now, the masked rascal muses.

Folks are too busy squabbling wth each other to notice his near painless purloin-ments
Small gunny sacks are burgeoning downtown, and with the cop-cams disabled due to darkness
from the outed street lights, some enterprising shadowy merchants, including the sewer raccoons,
are making a killing!

An escape into the sewer assures delivery of the goods to the meeting hall
legendarily under the old post office.

By day we blind our eyes;

but  now by dark of night we're free to roam.........

at least until the warring city forces (and/or Dep't of Public Works) get the street lights back on........



KD Cat completes her rendition of Kitten on the Keys

She does her halloween dance

Another cat shows new steps
thanks to high school project:


After spending years outside up against the bug house
in a red incarnation signifying danger

this steel factory stool is now blue,
has Arcadian Roxo bottling company labels
attached and lives to serve at the
ODD FELLOWS HALL another day.

The studio north light is good to paint by.

And onward we daub.......

(To be continued)


cookie and plant:

Dee made some dozens of heart
cookies for a Valentine Party
for East Terrace residents Sunday
after church.

I held one of them next to the
new growth on a vine we thought was dead
the morning glory volunteer from last year
that lived a full year's life and then seemed to die

But no, it was only resting apparently
and has sprouted new life on the 'mordant' stem
and is again headed upward to the window top.
The leaves are heart-shaped, like the cookie.