Saturday, March 2, 2013

Please play; Hobo's Lullaby; Shadow dancing; Reindeer Lee takes A Train; Ducking trombone; Overlook; Friends


About 13 years ago we wrote a poetry series
 about a bandit Mexican Robin Hood figure,
named Zepata, based on Vive Zapata,
who rode with a female sidekick, Irena.
She was actually his superior.

We were reminded of Irena when we
received the birthday card from
a dear Sun Prairie WI friend this week.


Saxophonist and band leader James Beckman
fetes us and his FB audience to a rare German shadow dance troupe:


Our son Leland
recently returned to Harlem
from a vacation in Houston and Vegas
and took the A Train on his final leg home........

Lee's been into transportation for a long time:


For LV Dix I, LV Dix II, DL Dix II, Mike Dix
and other trombonists:

Trombone Lesson

The twenty minutes from half past nine
to ten of ten is actually slightly longer
than the twenty minutes from ten of ten
to ten past ten, which is half downhill
as anyone who's ever stared at the hillocky
face of a clock in the 5th grade will tell you.
My trombone lesson with Mr. Leister
was out the classroom door and down
the tessellating hallway to the band room
which was full of empty chairs and music stands
from ten past ten to ten-forty, which is half
an hour and was actually slightly shorter
than the twenty minutes that came before or after
which as anyone who's ever played trombone
will tell you, had to do with the length of the slide
and the smell of the brass and also the mechanism
of the spit-valve and the way that Mr. Leister
accompanied me on his silver trumpet making
the music sound so elegantly and eminently
better than when I practiced it at home
for hours and hours which were all much shorter
than an hour actually, as anyone who's ever
practiced the art of deception with a musical
instrument will tell you, if he's honest and has any
inkling of the spluttering, sliding, flaring,
slippery nature of time, youth and trombones.

"Trombone Lesson" by Paul Hostovsky, from Bending the Notes. © Main Street Rag Publishing Company, 2008


An overlook; the quick, the dead

Two beings watch out over the city
A dead fox stuffed and lit by mini-Xmas bulbs
and a quick black cat
very alive, her seemingly immobile
green eyes
catching much missing little
her ears perpetually shifting
to summoned degrees to keep her
apprised, always informed;

the rigid and fixed fox
Festoon by name
could be a decoy for the cat.
Here at the Odd Fellows 
almost non-existent flying insects
might assume it's OK 
to land. 

Both animals are very still
and the slightly turning ears
of the blackened cat
are a safe bet, the bugs may say.







Surprise sighting on FB last night 2/28:

Another greeting:

Sent by Rev. Dr. Thomas Bentz, a good sewer raccoon man