Saturday, March 23, 2013

St. Patrick Chinese corned beef fried rice; Eva Cassidy; Einstein; W. Guthrie; A. Guthrie

A gargoyle on the roofline at the Washington National Cathedral, Georgetown

[Reception enhanced by magnifying to 150%]


While some may have been recklessly swilling green beer,
the transient Odd Fellows sewer raccoons 
were dining on Golden Gate's Chinese corned beef rice
 under the auspices of the grinning oriental entrepreneur
 ~ gotta get into the act ~
who sported a wide silken green bow-tie with green sequins.

This was a magnificent rice, the sumptuous dish highlighted
 with bits of cleaved red corned beef.
And as usual, there was a vast quantity taken home to be
michael-waved for the next day's lunch, pictured above.
(Reasonable; voluminous!)

It made St. Patrick's this year!
A little regularly-ambered Irish Harp beer as enhancement.


The interesting thing about this song
is that Eva Cassidy knew she was dying
when it was recorded.
She does not look tip-top
but her lovely voice was there, nevertheless.
"May we, like her, show affirming flame." [para: W.H. Auden]

We discovered her when visiting an art gallery in Berea KY in the mid-90's
The background music was of Eva C.  We asked who she was......


From Shay Harris's Facebook
Ref:  Shut down Rush Limaugh


Artist Wis Guthrie
retired chair of the Carroll Art Department
recently celebrated his 95th birthday with a small
gathering at Shattuck Hall, Carroll College (University).
Here he sits as a proud father  at the back of the recital room while
his son Gerry demonstrates his latest imaginative animation projected
on a screen.  Wis's other two sons, Lee and Jim, were present.

Wis was announced as a selected artist for the second Waukesha
Guitartown on 3/18/13.  He and the Guthrie team will again
surprise and delight Waukesha art-lovers with 
another fanciful interpretation of a Les Paul guitar.

This was last year's showing, taken from our Odd Fellows windows.  Wis and son Jim are at the right of their guitar:



I can't help falling in love with you