Saturday, April 27, 2013

One meat ball; Umberto's moon; Just what......

you have to be of a certain

Wis Guthrie turned to me
the other day
and asked if I

Of course I did.
Wasn't I around in the 1940s
when that was the title
of a popular song?

Wis, once a rider of rails,
worker for the CCC
son of a preacher father of 9
a father who thanked

the lucky stars
or The Great Spirit
for a rabbit that 'fell' from
the clutches of a hawk

at his feet 
walking home with his hoe
from his job as a farm laborer
without food for dinner 'til then:

Wis remembers
one meat ball.
Oh yes,

and a lot more.


For full vimeo, play:

From Robert Heeschen, RR museum docent, St Paul MN
AKA:  Umberto (code name)
former special agent, 113th CIC Corps

Full moon over Wellington, NZ...
 Here is something a bit random, but none-the-less astounding. A (source, not) work mate of mine who is also a photographer captured what is, to me, one of the most remarkable things I have ever seen filmed. 
It is a 3 minute video clip of the full moon rising over Wellington.  It was shot 2 nights ago, on a calm summer evening, as people gathered on the Mt. Victoria Lookout point to watch the moon rise.
This stunning video is one single real-time shot, with no manipulation whatsoever.  The camera was placed on  a hillside over 2 kilometres from the Lookout point, and was shot with the equivalent of a 1300mm lens.
The amount of planning, trial and error, and luck that went into this are mind blowing.  He has been trying to capture this for over a year with many failed attempts.  But 2 nights ago it seems everything was on his side, and it all came together in a way even he couldn't have hoped.
I honestly can't say enough good things about this video - from the magnitude of the visuals, to the intimate stories playing out with the people, to the sheer humbling nature of seeing the awe-inspiring reality of this giant rock in the sky that we so often don't stop to appreciate.

PS:  3rd round object: