Saturday, May 25, 2013

Odd Fellow Walt Lohman marches in Waukesha Memorial Day parade; Giraffes diving; Funny Times; Selected shorts subject; Jack and Dee converse, etc.; More silver spoon; KD and the fossil

Walt Lohman marched: at the Waukesha Memorial Day parade, in the Knights
Templar color guard a few years ago.  Walt, personal friend and former lodge
brother (Knights of Pythias Juneau Lodge 21), is a fraternal order multi-member,
belonging to the Masonic Lodge 37 of Waukesha, Knights Templar, and is most 
savorally known to the Raccoon as a bonefide ODD FELLOW. 
                             He's the be-feathered man on the right.  

Brotherhood men like these are endangered species in today's society......

Walt joins the SRN ed. at Dave's in downtown Waukesha.  Home of the famed
Denver Omelet.

Formation of Jose's Denver Omelet, pre-consumption:
Eggs, green peppers, ham, American cheese
with American Fries; an American breakfast for this
ex-American soldier. 

GO FOR IT!!!  Dave's Restaurant, The Five Points, Waukesha


Giraffes diving
(A French video)

(Submitted to the Raccoon by Jim Billings, WHS Class of 1954)

   ATTN: Former Ald., Emanuel Vitale, champion diver back in 1950s WHS days.

 selected shorts subject

(Waukesha WI 5-20-13  DOWN WITH IT CAN'T QUIT IT DEP'T:
One of our oldest pair of tattered and frayed corduroy shorts received a paint job
on the seat, reading 'Selected Shorts Subject'.  We will get some more respectable wear 
from them, we reckon.  Reference:


The recently late Jack Mathie and Dee Dix
converse at Duffy Bruning's 90th birthday
celebration, last year.  Topic:  Jack's bout with heart trouble
from which he'd recovered.  Playing golf again.

5-22-13 Entry:  Jack's funeral.  A beautiful rite officiated by
Rev. Brittany Barber at the 1st Congregational UCC Church.  I snapped
the above photo from the many photos mounted on several easels. I like
the way the LC cell cam lens takes ethereal-looking pictures sometimes.

Jack had taken to coming back to the Congo this last year.  He had a period
of rest from the church to which his late wife was so devoted, but we've had a
great year with him.  It was always a delight to see him walking in the door.
He had served the church in so many positions in the past, including Moderator.
This year he once again did a time-honored stint as ticket-taker at the annual
Pancake Supper. See below.

Jack, more than anybody, recently encouraged a current new attender, Phyllis.
She showed up as a stranger one Sunday not long ago and chose a 
random pew next to Jack.  He befriended her immediately, making her feel
welcome, and she's since been coming back.  She was at the funeral last evening.  

This befriending of strangers was characteristic of Jack.

Jack takes tickets at the recent pancake supper with longtime compatriate, Sid Estenik. 


5-22-13 A Gingko tree sprouts new leaves in front of the Odd Fellows,
308 South Street.  South Street is blessed with several trees of this species.

A Gingko also grows across the street at the Masonic Temple.
Last week a silver spoon
was featured, from Cedar Falls, IA
our birthplace.  

Being at Jack's funeral last night brought
to mind the lyrics from the old Dixieland tune,
St James Infirmary. 

Now, when I die, bury me in my straight-leg britches, 
Put on a box-back coat and a stetson hat, 
~Put a twenty-dollar gold piece on my watch chain, 
So you can let all the boys know I died standing pat.~ 

More lyrics:

I was thinking:  When I go they can put my silver spoon in my mouth
so my friends will know I died standing pat.  ("He may not have been born with
one in his mouth, but he went out with one......")



5-24-13:  KD studies fossil on Odd Fellows back ledge

Decides to see if it's really a dead fossil;

While Dee brushes teeth below, KD reaches tentatively out, moves it. Hmmmm?

After fossil falls deadly to the floor, it is picked up and placed on bookshelf.
KD ponders if it's OK to knock it to the floor from beneath the head of 
another prehistoric life form, a Great Northern Diver (loon).

Life at the Odd Fellows.