Saturday, June 1, 2013

KD - long and lithe lap-cat; Grilling out for Memorial Day; Horseradish havarti; From the SRN archives; Lee time


Waukesha 5-25-13:KD is not normally a lap cat, yet 
today she made an exception for an unknown reason 
and climbed up on Dee's lap while shes was writing 
tomorrow's sermon. This Dee was doing due to Rev. 
Brittany's being in St. Louis for husband Kevin's 
mother's funeral service.

(Rev. Ralph E.B. Schultz was in Florida with his 
boys and good friend, Cynthia Pike.)

The Congo swings many ways and in a pinch calls
on someone not ordained but good enough to deliver 
The Word. 

KD perched comfortably on Dee's lap for about an hour
before it was mandatory for Dee to visit the facilities
and get back to her writing.

Dee delivers the sermon goods at church.
As we're preparing to leave, a
vase of flowers blows off the car
roof. She, also handy with broom, sweeps up
the broken glass.  


Grilling out and, brother,

Dee and I had a memorable Memorial Day cook-out just as many Americans did, everywhere.  When we divested ourselves of unnecessary trappings in 2010 leaving our home at 517 Arcadian Ave, I gave our Weber kettle cooker to a neighbor who did not have a grill and was glad to receive a free one such as the model we used to have.

This year though, in the true spirit of our country’s holiday weekend pastime, we got a small grill from Sears for $29.99 and fit four small-sized hamburgers on it, out back. Standing outside by the rear  trash collection site at the back of our downtown apartment building – a multiple dumpster area serving several buildings, we guarding the meat AND the cooker until the meat was done and the grill was cooled sufficiently to carry all inside to the elevator. There, we ascended the lift with our booty to our 3rd floor aerie.  Safely within and before we ate, we Michael-waved the burgers to reheat our celebration foast.

There, we breathed fresher air than is found beside the random 0'r-spilling trash receptacles outside, and had ourselves a merry little indoor Memorial Day.

We hope your backyard cookouts were as enjoyable as ours, but we tend to doubt it.

May God bless us, every one! Ranging from the poor to the out-of-town junketeers, the Up-north-ern 2nd home open-uppers and etc.

PS:  This tale is similar to our cat testicle ode.
IE:  might not be true.....


Dusk gathers on Memorial Day. KD sits on the
sill next to the eternal flame, studying the 
little American flag given us once by an officer
of the State Bank. Our branch, the main downtown 
office, is just behind the unlit windows of the 
Clarke Hotel across the street.


EVERYTHING'S UP TO DATE IN KANSAS CITY From the stage show "Oklahoma" (Richard Rodgers / Oscar Hammerstein II) Will Parker & Chorus I went to Kansas City on a Friday By Saturday I learned a thing or two But up 'till then I didn't have an idea Of what the mod'rn world was comin' to. I counted twenty gas buggies goin' by theirselves Almost every time I took a walk An' then I put my ear to a bell telephone An' a strange woman started into talk. What next! What next? Everything's up to date in Kansas City They gone about as fer as they can go They went an' built a skyscraper seven stories high About as high as a buildin' orta grow. Everything's like a dream in Kansas City It's better than a magic lantern show. You can turn the radiator on whenever you want some heat With every kind of comfort every house is all complete. You could walk the privees in the rain and never wet your feet! They've gone about as fer as they can go. They've gone about as fer as they can go! Everything's up to date in Kansas City They've gone about as fer as they can go They got a big theatre they call a burleque For fifty cents you could see a dandy show! One of the gals is fat and pink and pretty As round above as she was round below I could swear that she was padded from her shoulder to her heel But then she started dancin' and her dancin' made me feel That every single thing she had was absolutely real! She went about as fer as she could go Yes, Sir! She went about as fer as she could go!


a small piece of horseradish cheese awaits:

I have written
about cheeses:

Last Saturday I visited the Farmers market
Here in Waukesha
And after careful thought invested in
A block of Horseradish havarti.
I now bring it up here to the loft
With the wood block wire cheese cutter
- A favorite tool –

And cheese it while at work.

At first we feared this particular cheese
Was going to burn our nostrils a few
Moments after ingestion;
it did sneak up on us
It is a real and present danger

But it is not too hot for me
Because my olden time-affected
sensory tissues require big

Dee will not try it again
But I plan to subsume this expense, and

next time at the Brodhead WI 
Decatur Dairy cheese stand
I will get what I went for last Saturday:
more Caraway  havarti.
Caraway!  caraway!
reminiscent of sauer kraut)

From the archives:

Friday, January 4, 2008

kitten thinks of nothing

kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day

How many times must one say no
To a cat begging to go out
After hours

My reckoning of how many
Times I’ve leaned down to advise her

My disposition; for heaven’s sake
Do you want to hear those mighty descending wings
From the nocturnal sky? She glowers,

Having no imagination, I guess
And continues her pitiful begging to go out
And take her chances during the darkened hours

An owl will, believe me, WILL swoop down
And pick you, you tasty morsel, as if
You were nothing heftier than one of our flowers

Growing outside the door, in whose midst you slink and creep.
These owls are big with talons sinking deep,
They’ll carry you to a treetop; disembowelers

These owls are; your nemeses;
You don’t want to find yourself with great ease flying upward
By surprise, my pussy, to be sliced, diced, and devoured!

Like talking to a catter -wall;
At night a different creature;
She persists! “ Mee-ow, Mee-OW, MEE-OW!” Hers

To learn the hard beak way, but not on this watch!
Her bones and parts shant be reduced to pellets, trophies
Dropped under the Tamarack’s peacable bowers!

No is NO, my furry friend, reckon thyself lucky;
Yea, and compose and confine thyself;
Not to be an owl’s, your howls and bowels are ours!


Time, focus on:

1967 drawing, plans for a time machine that

never got built; Chgo creator passed on.  This
sketch, this plan not to be realized, is now
as always kept near me, today, 2013, in this
office loft.  It formerly hung framed over
the wringer washing machine in a basement
where it got mouldy behind the frame
in its later years there....

Present time observance at Odd Fellows.
In a blur, it marches on. Pendulum of sun
swings back and forth; sun's eyes go left 
and right as pendulum swings, weighted 
at bottom; clocks tick and chime;
childrens' metronome audibly swings  
back-forth, too. TICK.......tock'.......
according to how you set it.
There is a-c-t-i-o-n!

Our son Lee, about four years ago, 
took up the subject of TIME for a UW-Madison
under-class project. Much time has passed.

This is his vimeo on that:

Lee was a timekeeper in the WHS band.

Then at the Schlitz Audubon nature preserve

and now, teaching kindergarten at Harlem
Village Academies in NYC.

time marches on
(forward and back)