Saturday, September 21, 2013

Haynes and the Harmonicats; Farmers m. haul; KD c. stall; Dee gets Bimbo; Just can't lose; Last up - expect nothing in return

I remember sitting around the radio
with my grandfather Haynes Bunker
in the 1940s listening to the Ink Spots
and the Hamonicats......
Grandpa drank a tonic every evening
consisting of a glass of milk with an egg
cracked into it and two tablespoons of
cod liver oil.

He would amuse me all the time,
acting like he'd taken poison and stumbled
all around the kitchen from table to sink 
to appliance, his eyes all goggled out.....
then we'd retire to the living room where 
he would take out his banjo from the case
lined in purple velvet,
and play for all of us, and sing.

To each his own

and now this in the 21st century:

Harmonica version of Beethoven's 5th


Saturday, Sept 14, 2013
    A cacophony of color dances around the lazy susan at the Odd Fellows hall this day.

The scene on the lazy susan
after Dee returned from the farmers market.

Apples, tomatoes for drying in the dehydrator
and some to eat natural,
kale, a cinnamon bun (not shown)
and some Japanese lanterns. 


We eat
"Bimbo" 100% whole wheat bread
from Panos Grocery downtown.
Mainly when it is more convenient and sensible
to dash over there from the Odd Fellows hall
than fire up the 8 cylinder 1996 Lincoln
and drive to Sunset and Tenny Pick N Save, 
our regular store.

some people say we are living in the past
by driving such a vehicle.

Living downtown puts us within walking
distance of most destinations.

It is what it conveniently is.

Note:  This picture shows the shirt Dee spot-cleaned for me to wear to church tomorrow, 9-15.
- It turned out Sir Pauly and fam. visited the Peanut Gallery that day! -
I spilled a tiny bit of Key Westconsin tartar sauce off my fork onto it last night at their fish fry.


There is a landing
between the main floor and our loft here.
KD Cat sometimes loves to tear up and down those carpeted
stairs at break-neck speed.

As I started to ascend the steps I heard KD thunderously
a-comin'. She normally does motorcycle cyclone turn
on the landing at few angles above her path.

But this time she stopped short on the landing
because she saw me coming up below.
I had the camera around my neck,
having just taken the lazy susan shot above
and so KD did her Halloween dance
- sideways approach with arched and bristled back and tail -
then dropped to glare at me wide-eyed
as I drew the camera
for a picture.  Got It!

Earlier she'd been out to her HAWS beauty salon
to have her nails done.  Once a month she goes
out in her special carrier limo for this indulgence.
Having your nails done is not uncommon
in Waukesha stratified society, we are told.

On that landing, behind KD, are the pieces of the old weathervane
wind-driven banjo-strumming lawn ornament from Arcadian
now stored here at the Odd Fellows.

As previously explained
the blades are from a found venetian blind
and the little man was cut with a tin snips
from one of my grandmother's cake pans.
Mechanism from spare parts like bent welding rods
had the man strumming furiously in a stiff breeze
or playing ballads when the breeze just lightly blew.....
until a high wind blew the whole thing
down Arcadian Avenue......


quote - unquote


zucchini again blossoms
on 9-16-13

Our zucchini, much heralded on these pages,
does another blossom today (9-15-13)
in its coiled position atop a white pot
for it's had no alternative climb
or sprawl potential here at the OF.

Once again we are shown
as in the case of the Judith Williams
memorial morning glory plant
on the next window sill:

even in an ostensibly un-ideal environ.

Yes, that's snow out there -
last winter's.
The fighting seed that volunteered
in Judith's gifted cactus
is still going, then over a year later.
It's blossomed now three times
with multiple blossoms and heart-shaped leaves
in this ostensibly un-ideal

re-run after re-run after rerun..........
nature tries to tell us something?

and at dawn today 9-18-13

the zucchini blooms....again!


I'm a dancin' man, I just can't lose
(dedicated to all those trying to staying alive....)
-a re-run -


2nd to Last up
From daughter Laurie 
director of a homeless shelter in Alaska
who wondered if I'd seen this:


[from Thailand]


last up:

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