Saturday, October 25, 2014

Grand Ave; Pizza for you; Family news; New Orleans street jazz; Fairies go for a ride

Grand Avenue

My wife and I were jogging, like we do every morning. Down Mission, left
at Trader Joe's, then up Grand Avenue and past the stately houses we will
never be able to afford. We'd just turned the corner by Senor Fish, scattering
a flock of pigeons strutting their stuff. One of them took off late, veered
right into the path of a silver Lexus, then lay against the curb beating his
one good wing like he was trying to put out a fire. My wife asked me to, for
God's sake, do something, so I turned the delicate head clockwise until I
heard a click. Then darkness poured out of the small safe of his body. That
is when I realized I used to merely love my wife. Now I would kill for her.

"Grand Avenue" by Ron Koertge from Sex World. © Red Hen Press, 2014. 


Pizza for you:


 Family news

Grand-daughter Grace Kari is
getting hitched to longtime boyfriend/love.
They were Wasilla Alaska high schoolmates
and now live in Missoula Montana
pursuing their music and photo work.

Grace set up this picture of herself  being proposed to by Alex
showing her sense of composition, lighting and drama
so customary in her taken pictures.

Great work
and good luck

s/ Mr. Grandpa Dix



Thank you!

Sent to the SRN by Laurie of AK


Downtown is a carousel

Architects eventually of towns
Aboriginals at first laid it out as trodden pathways
through forested land like spokes in a wheel
a merry go round to the trading posts

For me and others it is still a carousel
where we go round and round -
this downtown that we love so much
is like a Rogers and Hammerstein tune

The fairies in their buttercup blooms
threaded to a colorful 
but hallucinogenic mushroom
live dreamy lives

and everybody gets along

in the dark.
(in the light now that the street-lights are working)

Speaking of 'Carousel'




 Coming next Saturday 

A trip down South St. outside our door, including


Outpost Music