Saturday, November 1, 2014

....More badgers....; When I was seven; Radio; A stroll down South St.

The Raccoon Says:
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When I Was Seven

the war in Europe moved in on the domed 
wooden radio with its gothic front where 

Let's Pretend arrived every Saturday, brought 

to us by Uncle Bill and Cream O' Wheat. 

Nathalie and I conspired to send a bomb 
to Hitler hidden in a bouquet of wild flowers, 
or better, in a jar of mayonnaise: either bomb 
or mayo would kill him. I built cities 

out of dominoes where Hitler lived 
and bombed them flat with other dominoes, 
but he hid under the couch and I fled onto it
so he couldn't grab me by the ankles.

"When I Was Seven" by Liane Ellison Norman, from Breathing the West: Great Basin Poems. © Bottom Dog Press, 2012

Natural Gas Band of 2010
~LVD 1 
my father, Army officer above the radio in the above photo where I'm
tuning the mighty entertainment and info machine
enjoyed this group when in CA visiting Natural Gas fan, Uncle Meredith.~

LVD 1 is the source of our ukelele in this posting, mentioned below



A stroll down South Street

At Grand Ave looking down South St. Mia's
pizza at the far end.

One of Waukesha's nicest turrets
juxtaposed with the new Prairieville Apts
under construction.

Famous Ginko trees, the one on right flanking our
'secret' courtyard entrance here at the Putney Odd Fellows.  
Graceful tree, ancient life form.

Waning Ginkos line the other side of South street as well.
Watch out at this time of year because the small fruit
if stepped upon yields a pungent odor.

Squishing people lately ask, "WHAT'S THAT SMELL?

Midway down the block between Grand and Clinton is the very outstanding
Outpost Music Store.  Many music lesson-takers have been taught there
over a period of our residency going on five years.

The place is older than that, too.
Parents seeking instruments for their children
and their famed lessons
as well as folks of all ages find competitive
costs in a happy setting.

I saw an old accordion once in their eclectic display window that I wanted badly, but I resisted it.

This dread-locked chap, Craig Bauman,  is the owner of the Outpost Music Store. On my stroll this day I took my old Roy Smeck Vita Ukelele in for a problem with not holding a string's tune.

This uke dates back to the 1920s when my dad had it at Iowa State Teachers College.
Subsequently four of my children have played with it
sometimes roughly, but I always managed to fix it, not always well.
It looks battle-scarred but the tone is still marvelous.

An instrument like this needs to be played.
I intend to resume my playing.

After tinkering with the uke at the counter for a little while Craig identified
the problem, fixed it, and I was happy.
He seemed to know he was handling something valuable.
He played it expertly and with a burst of speed that made for a blurry picture.

When I asked him what I owed him he kindly said, NOTHING! 

Next picture of the Outpost Music store
taken from their website:

Right across the street from the Outpost is a new business
called Paws for a Moment Pet Spa.
See their card in the last Sat. Raccoon.

Speaking with the friendly operator by stepping inside for a few moments
we determined that this is a good place to get KD Cat's nails done -
just doors away from our South St. residence.

There are often adoptable cats in the Paws window, as the owner
is associated with the HAWS animal shelter on Northview rd.

She is frequently seen out there volunteering, Dee said.


We find that the Italian Restaurant, Mia's at 
the end of the street at Clinton's intersection
is the place for our favorite pizza with the works.

If you carry it home, even my 1/2 block, be careful to carry the box flat,
not on its side.  Any way you carry it, it'll be hot and delicious.

~Much good comes from this single block on South St.~