Saturday, December 20, 2014

What's in Santa's bag?; Wis Guthrie celebrates Xmas 2014; The Sun; Bell ringer


Not a sobriety test


 Wis Guthrie celebrates Christmas 2014
by attending the children's pageant at the 1st Cong. UCC
Broadway and East Aves. Waukesha

(Fast break by Brandon)

Wis's sculpture of the old dirt monster casts a menacing shadow
in our Odd Fellows bedroom last night.

This was why.  Our night light was behind where the monster got put
in stage one of our yuletide clean-up ahead of the kids' Xmas visit.

Startled us for a second as it cast its shadow under the still dark skylight.

At Halloween last year the dirt monster (or 'god' as it is sometimes known)
cast a purposeful shadow.  We've had this effigy since the 60s when Wis created it from found parts - raggy burlap, a roaster, vacuum brushes, shoe brushes, belt-kit links, etc - 
as an art professor at Carroll College.  Wis's instruction before he would sell it 
was that it must never be dusted.  His will has been done thusfar.

John Tyson, Wis Guthrie, Carroll art profs. circa 1963

Wis has a popsicle at the Waukesha Farmers Market this year.
He rides his electric scooter/chair on his rounds at the market along the Fox River.

To be continued.


Our last issue of The Sun came yesterday.  As usual I read it cover to cover
getting up in the middle of last light to finish it.
It is the most intriguing Christmas gift I'm tempted to say EVER
 John and Cindy Helt gave it to Dee and me.

I'm sorry to admit I had not heard of the literary monthly 
- done without ads- before last Xmas
but its monthly arrival now has been anxiously anticipated
 at the Odd Fellows.

 I have renewed it for another year.  Below is just one page
as a sample, with a high-lighted letter in their READERS WRITE
section (there are about 6 pages exquisite of letters):


Bell ringer Bruce Boeck.  How many years has he been doing it now?