Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Christmas report abbreviated; A downtown Yule; Wis's Xmas letter

A new tree ornament
in raccoon form
joins the phalanx of raccoons here 
at the Odd Fellows

Ben reposes on Dee's new Plowshares cushion

Ben and Erin and feet (warm)

Ben and Erin 

Ben is the tech wizard who enabled me to conclude 
the 2014 60th Waukesha high school site:

Lee and old friend Joe play cribbage

Lee computes

My Christmas squid
brought back from Japan by Lee
earlier this year.  Yum!

See this:


A downtown Yule 2014

The Alcoholics Anonymous club (Alanon)
across from the Clarke Irish Restaurant 
 - both out our window -
is a scene for warm and tragic comings and goings
when, during the difficult holidays

we see folks embracing each other as they come and go
through that doorway.
Or entering and exiting hoping to be unnoticed.
There is no sign identifying the club.

That juxtapose with the upscale restaurant and hotel
where guests according to the Police Blotter columns in the local 
paper recently complained to the cops about the undue noise down beneath their boutique rooms
(foreground of our picture)

had us thinking that when the bars spill out at 2AM and the baying at the moon
commences NIGHTLY from the drunken patrons
who have been over-served
and who are not at all thoughtful of the downtown residents
who are trying to sleep -

the cops ARE GONNA GET called sometimes
and staggerers are wrist-slapped and told to move on.

But on the other side of the ledger
good things do happen downtown:

The recently opened pet spa next door to our South Street entrance
operated by a great young woman who works hand in hand with the
humane society, also working out there at the Northview HAWS as a volunteer,
has had kittens in her shop window - the hope being to increase the chances
of adoptions happening with the downtown shop window exposure.

Meantime she and her mother groom animals.  A satisfied friend of ours from church
has become a regular grooming customer. Our KD Cat has her nails done there.
(Her Xmas toys came from this PAWS FOR PETS store.)

As it happens,

'The purple-haired lady'
- operator of the Altmont Art Gallery a scant block and a half away -
was passing by the spa and fell in love wth the two current kittens in the window.

She and her husband have adopted them.  A little more time must go by
for the male to reach the point when he can be neutered.  And then
The purple-haired lady and her husband, a jolly good fellow,
can stop making their beloved daily bonding visits to the shop
and take the little creatures to their new forever home.

Something tells me its all happening...


Wis's annual American Gothic Christmas letter
(Always highly-anticipated for decades)