Saturday, April 18, 2015

April by April; Orange peel happy; Just married; Pore Jud is daid; Pancakes; In like Flynn (Edward); AU

Some SRN readers will remember our earlier VULCAN WEATHERANES effort in the early 1980's.
This quote from a century before VW - 1880.

the earth is weary of our foolish wars.
 Her hills and shores were shaped for lovely things
Yet all our years are spent in bickering
beneath the astonished stars.

April by April
laden with beauty comes;
Autumn by Autumn turns our toil
to the beat of drums.

Knowledge to knowledge adding,
skill to skill we strive for others' good - 
and then like cavemen
snarling with a bone
we turn round and kill.

With a life so fair
and all too short a lease
upon our special star!

Nay, love and trust
not blood and thunder
shall redeem our dust. 

Let us have peace!


A rare Pinocchian Orange got peeled in just two pieces at the midnght snack last night.
A good Sharpie pen slightly augmented the two pieces before
they went into the garbage disposal. First, a picture! The kitchen grew extra sweet
to the nose.

(Note the orange nose came out in a long configuration.).


Just Married
by Peter Schmitt

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Oh, they can be forgiven such innocent
indulgence, the couple whose car we saw
in the darkened parking garage today-
the white spray paint filling the rear window,
“Just Married,” and the date, now more than two
weeks old. Let them enjoy this extended
moment as long as they can, let them feel
this way always. For their lives, all history,
could have begun on that day. Regardless
that the buoyant numerals and letters,
like the asking price of a car, would appear
insensibly reversed if, driving, they glanced
back; the message looms between them and the world
which will always be trying to gain on them.
and if in noon glare their first full wedded day
they cut with a room service knife the strings
to the cans clinking like obligations,
they will not let go yet this brief announcement.
Oh, the elements might eventually
combine to erase them, enough downpours,
or the blistering sun, but by the time
the words no longer quite ring true, it will be
their own hands that make them vanish. Then let it
end happily, in a bright lather of suds,
gentle hiss of the hose and the radio,
the two together, hands crossing the glass
until what is revealed are their own faces:
hovering where their older, wiser friends
had been that day, imprinting the letters
the numbers, and giving them their first push down
that road in a storm of rice and flowers.

"Just Married" by Peter Schmitt from Country Airport. © Copper Beech Press, 1989.


Pore Jud is daid


The big pancake 
church supper (historic)
was held this week.


'In like Flynn' (Edward)

Look for a lot more from this man!


Gold (AU) is awesome:

Below follows
the first issuance of the SRN Goldfish Award;
conferred upon Rev. Brittany Barber
for her sermon last Sunday, attached.

(We have poured over it so much it is dog-eared
and we got some drops of chocolate pudding on page 1.
It would not come off without spoiling the print.

Read down for goldfish reference near end of text.


(Insert this message:)

The sermon we meant to print
was not the following one.

The one we meant to run was the one
of LAST Sunday that had the giving
of a crumpled bag of goldfish treats
to  a grateful but unhungry woman
who accepted the gift kindly.

We will obtain the right copy and
have it in the Raccoon next week.

Sorry! Old age creepeth.

~ ~ ~

One of Brittany's finest
in our opinion.

Reprints available
at the back of the sanctuary

Want more?  Attend
the 1st Cong. UCC
100 E. Broadway
Waukesha WI
53186 Ph 542-8008

All are welcome
That is: