Saturday, April 11, 2015

Flowers will come of it; Stix by river Fox; Norb Blei

April 5, 1974
by Richard Wilbur

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The air was soft, the ground still cold.
In the dull pasture where I strolled
Was something I could not believe.
Dead grass appeared to slide and heave,
Though still too frozen-flat to stir,
And rocks to twitch and all to blur.
What was this rippling of the land?
Was matter getting out of hand
And making free with natural law,
I stopped and blinked, and then I saw
A fact as eerie as a dream.
There was a subtle flood of steam
Moving upon the face of things.
It came from standing pools and springs
And what of snow was still around;
It came of winter’s giving ground
So that the freeze was coming out,
As when a set mind, blessed by doubt,
Relaxes into mother-wit.
Flowers, I said, will come of it.

"April 5, 1974" by Richard Wilbur from Collected Poems. © Harcourt, 2004

Five Points dove at Odd Fellows window-sill feeder


'Stix" the marionette fishing at the river Fox
and inspecting sewer pipe at W. Main and Maple
for raccoons (none)


"Chops"/ Thanks to Lee Dix, teacher,  Harlem NY, for putting us onto this)


Norb Blei 1935-2013

I had a long correspondence going with Norb.
But we never met face to face.
He wrote and drew from a chicken coop
 near Ellison Bay in Door County WI
 for over 40 years after living in hometown Chicago.

Blei closes up his shop

Blei's coop bathed in green

Norb sent pictures he was taking up there.

Good morning Lake Michigan - Blei

Nobody home - Blei

A watercolor postcard by Blei

Norb sent me post cards c/o Odd fellows, and before

On this one he took one of my haiku attempts and made it better
and then gave it to me signed by me (him) - water color on postcard added by Norb

card is up in my office

"I'm Back"
Norb after health fight began

Last pic rec'd

Attn Wm R.!


check him out (ibid):

Jacky Terrasson

No dissapointment in Heaven