Saturday, July 25, 2015

Five Points vagaries; Turtle; Bret; Wings at roadside; Hand in paw; Keillor retires

At the Five Points 

This morning from the Odd Fellows window:

a Goldfinch sits at the topmost branch of the Honey Locust tree
at the Clarke corner
looking east into the rising sun; and,

moralists displayed their religious signs
last evening at 'Friday Night Live' -
their downtown hub site being only 25 yards or so from
where todays morning Finch
surveyed the downtown.


by Kay Ryan

Who would be a turtle who could help it?
A barely mobile hard roll, a four-oared helmet,
she can ill afford the chances she must take
in rowing toward the grasses that she eats.
Her track is graceless, like dragging
a packing-case places, and almost any slope
defeats her modest hopes. Even being practical,
she’s often stuck up to the axle on her way
to something edible. With everything optimal
she skirts the ditch which would convert
her shell into a serving dish. She lives
below luck-level, never imagining some lottery
will change her load of pottery to wings.
Her only levity is patience,
the sport of truly chastened things.

"Turtle" by Kay Ryan from Flamingo Watching. © Copper Beech Press, 1994

from old Childcraft book Vol. 1
-set 12 vols 1940s
still used



from the Arcadian Ave bughouse


Let it run for Mike Holgren's tribute following the Lambeau appearance

Looking at Bret now with his dents and scars
reminds us of Sean Connery donning his
dented armor for one more battle





DEE brought this painting home
the oher day

It was the possession of one of her clients
who on occasion has given Dee wrinkled potatoes
and other food past its shelf life

that 'waste-not-want-not' Dee does sometimes accept,
given Dee's culinary skills
 and we at the Odd Fellows are the fortunate beneficiaries.

This friendly client had not the use of the painting
she planned to put it to afterall;
the boyiend had hung it for her
with a couple of nails driven through it

A temporary trial apparently

but this item Dee could not accept
 - she did like it -
without offering to pay for it.

The kindly lady said she'd bought
it at a roadside rummage sale for ten dollars.

The front yard seller
87years old
had been advised by his children
to pare down his trove of things

(He took up painting in his retirement)

Dee's client didn't want anything for it
but Dee gave her the ten dollars
- insisted -

I love Dee's purchase
the painting is seen here now
as above

it will be framed and enjoyed!


Another retirement looms, says

... our sourcc for good poems at the Raccoon!
(The Writers Almanac, Keillor's)