Saturday, August 1, 2015

Zoe Middleton in Waukesha; Hawks and doves; Beauty everywhere; Other spots; Transient-al meditation


We met her this week

and she met us

at the Waukesha Odd Fellows:

world traveler
the stickers on her suitcase would be
 many were she not so modest;
great at NYT crossword puzzles 
and  around-the-world airport names
affinity for Picasso;

Leland's girlfriend

a masters degree student
and media analyst
in NYC

Like Lee,  Zoe is a former 'Teach for America'-er

We thank her for coming here!


Eichenberg print
hangs next to our front door

Print acquired at Chgo peace museum, 1981


Meadowlarks and Hawks

A farm road
in the San Joaquin
heading into the red dirt
of the gold country
miles and miles
of fencerows
with meadowlarks
singing on the wires
the song of one
entering the song
of another
all down the road
window open
I hear song
into song
the road continuing
as far as I can see
and every mile or so
on top
of a telephone pole
a red-tailed hawk
shoulders hunched
turning his slow
iron gaze
over all he claims
of the singing world



BBeauty everywhere

Beauty  everywhere

The 'secret garden' at the Roberts Group building, 730 N. Grand Ave, Waukesha

Dr. David Roberts originally built the structure shown above.
Now owned in part by Lori Trojan who we recently met as we took a stroll
in the alley behind the building
looking up at the second floor rear window
where we had the studio of David Dix Decoratory in the 1960s.
See The RED X

Lori was friendly and pointed us to the garden sandwiched
between their building and the rear of the Masonic Lodge #37
where the petite garden is kept under lock and key for bldg. occupants -
 visible through the bars
as shown here.

The Roberts building has  gone through
beautifying permutations, especially under this current ownership.

To learn nore about the original, ' par excellence' Dr. David Roberts -
veterinarian and promoter, see

The Waukesha Public Library has the book above by Dr. Roberts
for 'in-library reading only', classified as an un-checkout-able volume
in their reference department.



Other untacky spots

of beauty  
within walking distance of the Odd Fellows Hall
308 South St:

The  Rotunda
home of Berg Properties

Center City Plaza, another Berg prop.
See park bench where we think - and plan this organ
in the early mornings

View through Odd Fellows lobby window revamped 
308 South St.
Yet another Berg Prop. study

Formerly looked like this:

(Ed. note:  It was OK that way, too.)

Loveliness everywhere!


Adios, Mackay's STEAMING CUP.

It ws great fun while it lasted.

Things come and they go - don't we find.....

Good luck in your retirement!

Our mug, now a collector's item
Who can guess what its worth is NOW?