Saturday, October 10, 2015

Shaw-co-LAH'; Glass blowing; Panther in the window; Thomas Merton


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From Kirsten Dobson to Raccoon

From another SRN reader

daughter Laurie Dix Kari of Wasilla AK
who saw this and remembered our trip to 
a glass factory in the 1970s:

and this:


How much is that (panther) in the window?
The one with the waggely tail.......
......I do hope that panther's for sale!

Screensaver priceless cost zero

I saw this formidible beast, a figurine, in the downstairs second-hand store window this past week.

In previous days I would have strode right in and asked how much was that panther in your window?

But that was then, and this is now.

I have Denise watching out - belatedly, since circa 2010 - over our purse strings
and we are so much the better for it.  This mere trinket was only $39.99, but even so........

We are so much better off financially now under Dee's bookkeeping.

I contented myself with going back up and getting the camera to get a picture of the 'pretty'.

I will print a card stock picture of it, laminate it as  a backsplash and inspiration at our cat KD's bowls on the floor  That shall suffice.

THEN later that late night I got up for a midnight snack.

The cat, wishing for a snack of her own reached up and pawed my arm, per her custom.  This time though, her overdue manicure - at another shop dowstairs, the pet-care studio -  caused her to prick my arm with extended super-sharp claws.  I hollered instinctively, awakening Dee in the back bedroom.  It was a loud expletive.  The cat rushed off and hid under the piano bench.

I returned to bed, and noticed my pricked arm felt kind of funny.

I dozed off, thinking of my Great Wonderment.

"What (at my august age) will finally kill me?"

I thought of Thomas Merton's unplanned end
in Bankgkok where he died quickly of surprise electrocution, tipping over
an electric heater in the bathroom. 

* (See poem)

Could such a surpising and out-of -left-field end await me?

Would I quicky croak from a fetid cat claw prick?
Not a bad way to go, actually, if it happened fast like that.

But I awoke up in the morning apparently none the worse
for wear.


Poem heralding Trappist Thomas Merton, about whom I was 
reminded listening to Pope Francis  addressing the US Congress -to much applause -
when he mentioned the four highiest-principled Americans who came to the his mind:

(Abraham Lincoln, Rev M.L. King, Dorothy Day, and Fr. Thomas Merton)


A Gaudy Butterfly Laid Me
On a milkweed leaf she laid me
with no great hope of my success,
for I was just one of a hundred eggs
she deposited,
flitting, pausing, flitting, pausing,
my mother's abdomen arching
each time and putting us down;
we pinheads were merely something
that made her feel good
or the result of an act that did;
or not even that;
I don't know and will never know.

I ate my full engorgement of clean furrows
in the white-juiced leaves until I grew
to a fat temptation for predators
that eat the likes of me,
but the numbers had it
that I was one of the few who survived,
never got picked off in the hard
mandibles of life.

my disappointment was different;
I spun my waxy cocoon
according to pattern
and then, alas, instead of the transformation,
the metanoia,
I had my beauty taken from me
and my capsule gradually
turned black,
and as I lay dying inside,
rotting into a fetid inkiness,

a monarch's striving nature
nonetheless living still,
my little strength merged to
poke a pinhole in the bottom
of my enbindment, and by dint
of waning force I dripped this
message onto the leaf below,
and that is how you come
to read a distillation of all
I was ever to become,

 a quotation, nothing more, but by a higher power than I:
What we have to be

Is what we are - Thomas Merton

DZD  2006


Fr. Thomas Merton

The Dalai Lama decorated Merton's grave
photo purchased at Berea College KY 2000
- a favorite vacation spot -
Simple grave is at the Trappist monestery Gethsemane KY
where Merton studied, wrote, and served.
A reason to go there and we did.

Decor is a Tibetan sign of high respect - the white scarf.


If we don't see each other before Halloween: