Friday, December 25, 2015

2016; Em Helt; Grandma's button box

The New Year Ahead

An inspiration came from daughter Laurie Dix Kari
from Alaska a few days ago.

It is applicable to where we are now at the threshold
of a new year:

We want to make something new

We are raccoonists at the shore of the Fox River

in our current location

Further evidenced by our custodianship

of a taxidermed fox namaed Festoon

and we do not to absent ourselves from those 

no. no. not at all

yet wanting to do something new for 2016

it comes down to viewing our screen here as a fresh pallette

and a site for carrying on and innovating

upon our old stuff

as we go.

So see  wny Laurie's video was so perfect for right now:


Emerson Helt, grandson of our friends the Helts
views the prospects of a new year,  a very fresh one for him,
in the manner of his grandfather John
who reads the news 

his dog Sweet Pea
looks on, suggesting the years-earlier RCA Victor logo:


Closing this issue of SRN early,
the wind-up inspiration of our Grandmother's button box
on a shelf behind me always at the ready

 says "PRESENT!"

This button box was played with
by me as a kid, and four children after me,
the last two, Erin and Lee, deigned  to scratch
their initials in the lid - E.L.D. -


As adults, thest two sit below me playing board games as I type.