Saturday, December 5, 2015

Glorious gift from the Rev; Dog, driving, receives friendly repartee from cop; Fox's shadow at OF; Silence; Shawl; Christmas at St. Matthews

A most glorious Christmas gift

is this cake dish presented to us by Rev. Leroy Napieralski.
He knew I'd admired it when I looked over some things Leroy
was going to sell now that his mother has passed.

Dee made the red cloth for it to sit upon in a corner of
our dining room, in a place of honor.





made by Justin Schoepke
in his studio by the mulberry tree
on Colton St.
from a fireplace andiron.

Andiron candle lower center
fox on loft ledge casts shadow



Shawl still with me, now at the Odd fellows since 2010
hangs from the loft ledge with a piece of an old flag,
above our prayer gong. 

I am thankful for that shawl (or lap-warmer) presented to me
at a Xmas gift exchange made by an unknown elderly resident.  Is she with us, I wonder?
Her work hangs just on the other side of this screen.



 Cartoons today from current New Yorker mag.



The below,

a Paul Manz composition will close out the annual choir concert
at St. Matthew's Church in Wauwatosa WI
tomorrow 12-6.

Our friend Rev. Dr. John Helt ret'd will again
sing with this group
and again gifted us with tickets.