Saturday, January 9, 2016

Son provides crackle; Erin = 30; R. Mocs concl. (maybe)

Son provides crackle

Knowing as he surmises how much I miss the real fireplace at 517
Leland this Xmas presented me with a unique candle that offers the sound
of a real fire.

The flame travels verly slowly from side to side, nearly imperceptibly
as the candle flame makes its transit, wick to wick.
A crackling sound is heard.

This along with my miraculous elecric stove
(with the dancing flames projected onto a translucent screen
via a turning foil brush hidden inside
and lit by an invisible 40 W bulb)

now has me believing easily that I have a real fire going
with just the flick of a switch and the striking of a match.

To walk away from it all afterwards I simply switch the stove off
and blow out the candle.
No ashes to clean up, as simple as can be.

The real look, the real warmth, and NOW the sound.

Plus there is an evergreen scent.  Thanks, Lee!

Who could ask for anything more?

Lee picks out his tap shoes at Milw. east side's  famous Trep Art.
Percussion has always been his thing.


Lee, once really short, looms 'normal plus' with his sister and Ben
at Odd Fellows Xmas 2015.



on Jan. 5, 1916

So Dee decided to go into the jamb-packed storeroom
for 30 items that traveled with us when we
moved downtown to the Odd Fellows Hall
in Apr. 1010.

Erin, upon opening her tightly packed box,
exclaimd that she had no idea some of this stuff
still existed.

The spoon above for her to use as a baby
was made from a spoon fron the kitchen drawer
and a stick of wood out near the bughouse.

I gave it some shape for her little hands to grasp.
It got used by Erin as she sat in her high chair 
and  it got washed -
many many times.

Now the spoon greeted her on her 30th.
It's the kind of remembering girl Dee was and is.

Erin and Lee asleep on way home from Walworth Co. Fair, 1989

Erin's early exposure to music
listening to ukelele and  kazoo

It took.

Is a member of Vento Winds currently, an Appleton WI community orchestra.
She minored in music at Lawrence U.  there.


Ref. last Sat.'s Raccoon

the Russell Moccasins came back resoled
as good as new:


plural noun: moccasins
  1. 1.
    a soft leather slipper or shoe, strictly one without a separate heel, having the sole turned up on all sides and sewn to the upper in a simple gathered seam, in a style originating among North American Indians.