Saturday, May 21, 2016

Happy Goldfinch at the Five Points; Ben to the rescue; Curved folding chair; Eddie Condon cont'd; Errol Garner, jazz piano; A great bassist; Milkweed tenacious; Gaudy butterfly - again; A paper raccoon

Waukesha Five Points Goldfinch

perched in the honey locust tree adjacent to the Clarke. (Photo taken from Odd Fellows Hall)

In the the Main Street ongoing re-configuration this is the one tree left standing in that vicinity, and the regular
finch customers for the food finds are happy.  Many daily trips are made by them.


Incoming son-in-law as of July 3, Ben Willard, IT man of Lawrence U. Appleton WI
keeps the computer up to date here at Raccoon headquarters.  


Shop downtown where three of these old church wooden folding chairs
were spied in an antique store around the corner from Raccoon hdqtrs.  This one sits
in the landing to the office.  Note the curved design to comfort sitters' posteriors.

Church folding chairs are now metal and are not as accomodating.


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Eddie Condon cont'd



OUR LATE FRIEND  David James used to admire Errol Garner and try to copy his style.

as did I with him, The Immortal Babes,
 at the Univ. of W Madison, l958 and beyond;
David regularly commenting on Garner's 
percussive left hand punctuatng his music. ("WOW!)
And his barely audlble  moans / groans in the background when Garner played.
A trademark.

 David too was a jazz pianist.


Jane Little, bassist, expires playing encore
 - from CBS As It Happens
'CBS Dossier/ AIH' -


Milkweed tenacious
grows through asphalt
Colgate WI
at the Helt residence 

'Somewhere Monarchs in a background
sing Fauna choruses of praise
That though their Fauna be weak
They shall be provided for
By also ephemeral-appearing
Flora; part of a shockingly wonderful

In her Email Cindy wrote:

"Notice the little bud coming up through the asphalt" ....

Ref: [Saul Alinsky; Hannibal:  We will either find a way or make one.]


A Westerner sees a similar 
to the milkweed sight  -
a flower growing from a crack
in a stone wall  

and falls to his knees to take 
the plant out roots and all
to study it - 
how that can be? 

Thereby it harmed, killed.

An Easterner sees such a sight,
marvels over it
and moves on.


A Gaudy Butterfly Laid Me
[old Raccoon saw, but germain]

On a milkweed leaf she laid me
with no great hope of my success,
for I was just one of a hundred eggs
she deposited,
flitting, pausing, flitting, pausing,
my mother's abdomen arching
each time and putting us down;
we pinheads were merely something
that made her feel good
or the result of an act that did;
or not even that;
I don't know and will never know.

I ate my full engorgement of clean furrows
in the white-juiced leaves until I grew
to a fat temptation for predators
that eat the likes of me,
but the numbers had it
that I was one of the few who survived,
never got picked off in the hard
mandibles of life.

my disappointment was different;
I spun my waxy cocoon
according to pattern
and then, alas, instead of the transformation,
the metanoia,
I had my beauty taken from me
and my capsule gradually
turned black,
and as I lay dying inside,
rotting into a fetid inkiness,

a monarch's striving nature
nonetheless living still,
my little strength merged to
poke a pinhole in the bottom
of my enbindment, and by dint
of waning force I dripped this
message onto the leaf below,
and that is how you come
to read a distillation of all
I was ever to become,

 a quotation, nothing more, but by a higher power than I:
What we have to be
Is what we are - Thomas Merton

                                  [David Dix 7/06]