Saturday, May 7, 2016

Adios - ( We'll) see you again

[Wis Guthrie wanted this Burns poem at his funeral;
his sons saw to it that it was there.]




* Above photos screen-shot from Gerry Guthrie's 'WIS GUTHRIE MEMORIAL VIDEO'
shown at the memorial service for Wis Sunday in the Carroll Ballroom.

Gerry pasted together a series of family home movies and as a son of Wis would/could/should, 
he combined a misc. collection into something great.  If was  perfect for the service, an amalgam of testimonies 
by the three sons Gerry, Lee and Jim -

AND the thoughtful words of many of Wis's Carroll colleagues and several friends
who spoke about Wis from their varied perspectives.

Find the video there, or click on:




This flyer above was among the memorabilia on display at the rite. Dee and I were
surprised to see this 1965 bank flyer for an art show of Wis's work.  I bought that
DIRT GOD from Wis in that year, 1965.  Dee and I own it now.

It has traveled with me many miles, and is currently at the Odd Fellows Hall.

At the Three Brothers Bayview restaurant \ Tom Koplin, Wis, SRN editor

Wis goes to church

Wis buys me a cup of soup at the Avalon Cafe

Another time at the Avalon Cafe where we sat at the counter
knee to knee.

Though there was little space under the counter our mutually-sustained short legs
proved again advantageous.

Wis and editor have a sunny meet-up discussion at the Youmans park adacent to the Avalon Square,
(Wis's residence)

Click on fim image at the left

And Trevor Howard even looked like Wis.


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Art Prof, U of IL

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