Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mother raccoon; We have no bananas, yes; Yes sir that's my baby; Grace and Alex's magnificent visit; A half hour of Errol Garner; Polly wolly doodle, Redbone




Attn:  The Lindgren's magnificent visit
last week.  Grace is my grand-daughter.  They are from Alaska by way of Missoula MA
their current home.

Alex and Grace play stringed instruments. Here Alex quickly learns
to play his 'new' Roy Smeck Vita Uke.  A new and great
home for it. 1920s vintage.

Sunday we visit son David Jr. and family's home on HY D, Dousman.

Here, great grand-daughter Emma Lee rides rocking horse.
Grace talks long distance to her Mom in Wasilla AK.

Last year Grace and Alex were married at Hatcher's Pass, Alaska.   
SEE way down)
Their work consists partly in management of Missoula's ZooTown Coffee house. Plus musicians and photographers
by trade.  They traveled here in their Volvo station wagon, running like a top with 240K.  They sleep inside it. 
It wraps itself around them and all their traveling stuff, including  a scavenged chair.

While in Waukesha they spotted a fine cane and velvet chair at a McCall St. Waukesha curbside.  It went
back with them to Missoula.  They were thrilled to have the nice souvenir.  She's been looking for a chair 'just like that.'

Left to right, SRN Editor Dix, Alex, Grace, and Dee Dix
Alex wears his 'new' hat that once belonged to the late LV Dix I.

Leslie V. Dix I

Grace and Alex depart Waukesha
early Memorial Day morn, bound
for Fargo on their first night.


1/2 hour of Errol



Polly Wolly Doodle All Day