Saturday, June 25, 2016

Zepata cont'd; Racc-u-pine; KD Kat and Festoon high-rise hang out; Paying respects; Quick as a wink; String theory; Little Mary

The Adventures of Zepata and El Dayo
Part 1

The sunlight catches the tip
of Zepata's nose
A wry smile escapes his otherwise
stern countenance

Zepata has had victory today
and has ridden back up into the hills
of his friendly district
the peasants offering him their
chickens, daughters, homes

But Zepata smiles his appreciation
and rides his stallion on
The faithful mount
The horse, bearing not only Zepata
but enough ammunition for a week's standoff

A steed worth to him
all the chickens, daughters and homes
of May-Hee-Ko
for this steed El Dayo
Knows all yet Dayo tells not

El Dayo has gotten Zepata out
of many a fix
saved his life so many times
Neither Zepata nor Dayo
have enough fingers and toes
to count
Especially El Dayo
Zepata smiles broadly

Dayo only asks for a friendly pat
and a bucket of oats a day
Oh how well Zepata knows what
the chickens, daughters and homes
always tendered require
Maintenance that is what

So homeward it is
 Zepata and Dayo climb
up the mountainous route known only to Zepata
and his faithful compadre
The Federalis ho ho
They never find

Night falls and Zepata finds the escarpment
where his small campfire will not be seen
in the valley below
hunted as he always is
Dayo is turned loose for the night
He never wanders far

Next night there will no scrub
and no creek-ets
Zepata love creek-ets
They put him to sleep
But in the high country Zepata
must call home
There are no creek-ets

Morning breaks
Zepata works the kinks from his
war-worn body as he painfully rises from
his blanket roll
Dayo he calls
Daylight come and
Me wan go home

From a distance comes the sound
of thundering hoofbeats
Man and beast soon to be re-united
Another ascension past peasants and
their chickens, daughters and homes
On to where his rude hut and
Real Woman await

The woman who knows she has Zepata
The woman who knows how to please Zepata
The woman
She awaits her hero
May-Hee-Ko's saviour
It will be good again this time




from the archives:

Festoon Fox and KD Kat hang out high above the living room.


Paying respects

Photo taken by LVD II on Memorial day 2010

Two Raccoon editor friends
(one shown below with another four-legged friend)
have trekked to Washington DC -
Bruce below very recently -

and not at my behest,
have voluntarily in their
 respectful hearts

visited the Arlington grave of
WW II veteran Leslie V. Dix
our father
about whom the Raccoon has spoken
and they have read.

Bruce Hopper, patriot

Walt Lohman, patriot, starred, marched in a Waukesha Memorial day parade
in his Knights Templar uniform. X years ago.

Walt at breakfast with me at Dave's.

Bruce, outdoorsman, long dist. bicyclist


Quick as you can wink an eye


String Theory

I have to believe a Beethoven
string quartet is not unlike
the elliptical music of gossip:
one violin excited
to pass its small story along
to the next violin and the next
until, finally, come full circle,
the whole conversation is changed.
And I have to believe such music
is at work at the deep heart of things,
that under the protons and electrons,
behind the bosons and quarks,
with their bonds and strange attractors,
these strings, these tiny vibrations,
abuzz with their big ideas,
are filling the universe with gossip,
the unsung art of small talk
that, not unlike busybody Beethoven,
keeps us forever together, even
when everything’s flying apart.

"String Theory" by Ronald Wallace from For Dear Life. © University of Pittsburgh Press, 2015

from the Cong. archives


Happy upcoming 4th!

Those of us who reside downtown
or do business down  here
are now well-used to the dust kicked up
by the construction on Main Street

Here at the Odd Fellows we are taking
advantage of gritty conditions
by practice our soft shoe routines.

"Summer lemonade"


Rory gets Konged on the head

Rory Dix-Willard of Appleton WI has her own Kong brush now 
as the word of the amazing grooming tool continues to spread.
She awaits word on what her real last name is to become 
after the marriage of her combined caretakers, 
Erin Dix and Ben Willard on July 3rd.
More on that later.