Saturday, November 26, 2016

The value of hair; Cat photo shoot; On preventable owl run-in; She'd never say get off my back; Felix

[YIBAWE = Yes I'm Bald And What Else?]




KD Cat


prepares for her photo shoot
giving her Santa beard disguise
a lick and a polish

before posing with it under her chin.

This beard was previously grown by the
SRN Editor and saved in a 'waste not want not'

It is now a favorite amusement of the cat's.

to be cont'd




How many times must one say no
To a cat begging to go out
after hours?

My reckoning of how many
times I’ve leaned down to advise her

my disposition.  For heaven’s sake
do you want to hear those mighty descending wings
from the nocturnal sky?  She glowers

having no imagination, I guess
and continues her pitiful begging to go out
and take her chances during the darkened hours.

An owl will, believe me, WILL swoop down
and pick you, you tasty morsel, as if
you were nothing heftier than one of our flowers

growing outside the door, in whose midst you slink and creep.
These owls are big with talons sinking deep,
They’ll carry you to a treetop;  disembowelers

these owls are;  your nemeses;
you don’t want to find yourself with great ease flying upward
by surprise, my pussy, to be sliced, diced, and devoured!

Like talking to a catter -wall;
At night a different creature;
She persists!  “ Mee-ow,  Mee-OW, MEE-OW!”  hers

to learn the hard beak way, but not on this watch!
Her bones and parts shan't be reduced to pellets, trophies
Dropped under the Tamarack’s peaceable bowers!

No is NO, my furry friend, reckon thyself lucky;
Yea, and compose and confine thyself;
Not to be an owl’s, your howls and bowels are ours!



Ragtime rides on Dee's back
Arcadian Ave time,  pre-KD


We celebrated our 33rd anniversary 11/11/16

In previous years a symbolic time-piece has been given.
This year a new kitchen clock was the present:
Felix the cat, a historic motif.

The eyes turn left to right
and the tail wags likewise.

Purchased at Tin Toy Arcade


Yibawean Coda: