Saturday, November 5, 2016

Today we take you to ~ ; Fr. Ed; Farming; Hot rod Lincoln; Seriously

Destination:  Ela Orchard, Rochester WI

Sign at road.  A cloudy day.
If you go down, mind:
it is hidden away, up a winding lane through old trees.
You'll know when you're there.  Road ends.

Co-owner Edwin sorts apples.

Dee chats with Wendy while choosing from the many species.

(Our new Ford Fusion (Erin's) is in background.)

A Moonglow Pear.
Very juicy and sweet.

They're about gone this season.
I'd  buy a bigger sack now we've tried them!

Erin studies animals at Ela.

Ben and Erin wed at Rochester Public Library, 7-3-16
Ben's family are orchard co-owners .  A 3rd generation operation.
Though both employed at Lawrence University in Appleton
Erin and Ben are active helping out at the orchard.

They participate too in the historic Madison Farmers Market.

Notes from Ela:  (From website)

Oct 19, 2016
The Apple Barn is open  everyday  from noon until 6.
 At this point in October we have available at the apple barn,
 McIntosh, Cortland, Macoun, Jonathan, Snow, Tolman Sweet, Russets, Spartan, Golden Delicious and Red Delicious  and several other varieties. Jonagolds will be coming soon,
Ida Reds and Black Willow Twig  are lightly set  because of a Spring freeze and we don't  expect a significant crop  but will harvest what there is and have it available when we get it picked and sorted.
 Moonglow Pears are still  available this week.
We plan to be at the Burlington Market Thursday Oct 20. There will be one more Burlington Market on Oct 27.
We also plan to  be at the Dane Co Farmers' Market,  Sat. Oct. 22
and we plan to be at the Shorewood Market  on Sunday Oct 23. This will be the last Shorewood Market of the season.

We pressed Fresh Apple Cider on Wednesday Oct 19 and will have it at the Markets and the barn while the supply lasts  We plan to press again next Wednesday Oct 26.

We do not have pick your own at Ela Orchard,
but have a barn selling area where you can choose from a large number of varieties.


In the 60s and 70s
I often habituated this landmark water tower park
at the foot of St Mary's Hospital on the east end of 
North Ave, Milw.

In those times there were peace rallies and marches
that went down the curvy hill to Memorial Drive
where we would march south toward downtown
with anti-Vietnam signs,
 hollering mass chants.

It was my pleasure then to meet Fr. Ed Vojtik
of Holy Rosary Catholic Church on Oakland Ave
just past Brady Street.
We would often visit a chicken place after a march 
or demonstration on Farwell Ave near Ed's church.

Then we'd go to his priestly room
and talk far into the night.
There were at least three of us so engaged.

The memory I have now is of the
spiral of significant verse we jointly painted on Ed's ceiling,
starting at the central ceiling light fixture

and going out from there in an ever-widening
until we felt we had said what we 
wanted to together say 
at the moment.

The writers each took a turn composing.
Person to person, it was a work in progress.

~ I much later did a version of that spiral versage
on our 6 foot pine 2 X 4 dining table
shown at times in the Raccoon. ~



I lost track of Fr. Ed in the intervening years.
I heard he left the priesthood
and got married.

So I was surprised to see an obituary for him
in the local paper last night.
His age was given at 83.
He'd been a psychologist
for the Kettle Moraine school district
for many years.

Gosh! I thought.
He was just a kid
when we did that painting on his Catholic ceiling.
When we did the Vietnam protesting together.

When we ate all that great chicken

The obit didn't mention that.
 I have not forgotten that wee mutual history.



The harvest is in and it is bountiful.
I went out to the community garden plot
 which Dee, my third world disenfranchised
companion/grounds/housekeeper/tenant farmer
faithfully tilled, a 20 ft by 20 ft plot.
All season long.
Times several successive seasons.

While she unearthed beets and carrots
I dug the two rows of potatoes
As though it were a treasure hunt
And filled a large five gallon bucket
With redskins.

Intermittently I sat in a folding chair
Watching my CGHTF work
As she is considerably younger than I.
I eyed the flock of indigenous turkeys
Make their jerk-neck ramble
Through adjacent closed-for-the-season plots.

The four chicks of early summer now
Looking quite adult, but the father
Keeping his blue-gray neck and head high
on the watch for anything too close
to his family of tempting roast or raw meat.

It was lovely sun and temperature in the 50s
And the produce had clumps of mud sticking to it
As it has rained lately
But we had to close out our plot today
Because it will be plowed over next week,
end of season.

I felt I should fry up some potatoes for
Me ‘n Denise ‘n our two kids.
We live as one happy family.

Being alone at my age would be no good.

zep 10-26-2002


Hot rod Lincoln



from Rev/Dr Bentz