Saturday, December 17, 2016

Potatoes with their jackets on; Heeschen's tree; Trinketage; Marble machine; Cat in tree; Blue Christmas; The Messiah

from the Childcraft book set, 1939  Book One

Potatoes on the table
to eat with other things
Potatoes with their jackets off
May do for dukes and kings.

But if you wish to taste them
As nature meant you should,
Be sure to keep their jackets on
And eat them in a wood.

A little salt and pepper.
A deal of open air,
And never was a banquet
That offered nobler fare.

But if the time is winter
There's still another plan:
You simply pay a penny to
The Hot Potato Man.

The children cluster round him
To catch a ray of heat,
"All 'ot," he cries "and mealy,
And warm yer 'ands a treat!"

The best of food can weary
The best of appetite;
Potatoes with their jackets on
Are always, always right.

         [E.V. Lucas]



I gaze upon your dark eyes Your voluptuous form hidden beneath fine dusky skin How I desire the taste of you on my lips I hunger for your body, yet I must wait Fifteen minutes then ping, add cheese Oh jacket potato of mine


Bob Heeschen writes
regarding last Sat. Raccoon

"Are those singing turnips?  That's cute.
And KD looks like she enjoys having a hat.  The card is now hanging on my little tree next to my computer desk.  I will try to get a photo in the daylight to send over.  But not Sunday as that is another work day.  We are having Santa's Train Shop these first three weekends in December.  Today we passed 700 visitors and that kept us three cashiers very busy.  Light snow started around 3:00 and we expect around 3-5" by noon.  That may cut attendance tomorrow but around 300 would be good.  We have a great Santa and he has calmed many little kids over the years.
So the raccoons are still working underground in Waukesha.  It would be interesting to know just how many there are in the city.  Zoey likes to sniff at the catch basin where I did see one several years ago.  And for a while there was one that came to my bird feeder near the front door.  But we have had coyotes in the area and they may have eliminated the coons.  I don't see many rabbits, either.  There have been several nights when the coyotes must have been having a fight or maybe a "howl-in". as they were quite loud just across the street.  Animal control assured me that the local coyotes do not go after people but I am less inclined to go outside at night.
Well, I am tired after standing most of the day and I still have a newspaper to read, so good evening to you...

Bob Heeschen "

Still working in his 80's as a RR museum docent
St. Paul MN

Our KD Xmas tree ornament
is hung on Bob's tree; he showed us.



A trinket shipment arrived here
at the Raccoon Headquarters yesterday.

Three new tin toy ornaments
to go on our Christmas tree
later today.

We like this sort of trinket -
right up our alley.

Yes, Lee.
Down with it
can't quit it.


Absolutely fantastic marble machine !

How it works:



More of the down side of Xmas?

or this:

A woman dining alone at the Clarke
across the street.  Hand held with zoom


""Ye shall see a great light...
His yoke is easy and his burden is light...
A man of sorrows and
acquainted with grief..."
(Readers note: it's complete; a couple hours long)