Saturday, July 1, 2017

Plentitude; Raccoons; Ray Bethell kite flying; Want fries with that?; New eclipse postage


Even near the very end
the frail cat of many years
came to sit with me
among the glitter of bulb and glow
tried to the very last to drink water
and love her small world
would not give up on her curious self.
And though she staggered — shriveled and weak
still she poked her nose through ribbon and wrap
and her peace and her sweetness were of such
that when I held my ear to her heart
I could hear the sea.

"Plentitude" by Ann Iverson from Mouth of Summer. © Kelsay Books, 2017


Sewer Raccoons

A rash, an "outbreak" of Sewer Raccoons
continues in Waukesha;
three coon servants of the blind King Coon
living beneath the city  in his improvised
throne room 
were seen simultaneously emerging
from  a storm grate

These audacious coons
are gentle burglars
serving their liege
by gathering items
from his regal shopping lists
usually under cover of darkness

They rove about furtively
which gives strength to
the belief that they
are possibly harmful

Good heavens
what's so bad about their
meager wants
 - bits of broken glass
and bottle caps?

The king needs a royal cape
and what better way to adorn him
than with a discarded purple velvet
drapery sample and the colorful trash
found in our street gutters?

I say live in harmony with
our subterranean friends
and be amused, not scared,
when they tip-toe about
touching us

Sometimes, yes, they go beyond
their usual shyness
particularly  at Halloween
when they gently reach up pantlegs
and frighten children sufficiently
that they drop their sacks
of candy

Such pickings
should not be denied
the masked faux raiders
who do not poke guns
in anyone's back and say
"Stick-em UP!"
Nor are they child molesters.

They come bearing
explicit shopping lists
from the King:
maybe a piece of metal
bent just so,
or a melon, or a piece
of pizza in the gutter 

Nothing we're ever going to miss
No breaking and entering
no howls or shrieks
these raccoons are more afraid of us
than we are of them
except         at HALLOWEEN

I say we welcome the raccoons
to our neighborhoods
Our streets are much cleaner
for their scavenging
Just imagine their King
and the cape he wears

Money cannot buy such
improvised elegance

The King,
so old he cannot walk
can no longer negotiate
the long sewer distances
from the throne room
cavern far below the
old downown post office
to the far-flung
street-level residential grates

In truth
he is blind
from too many years
of being kept in the dark

His crest may read
"Veritas Est Lux"
'Light, let there be more light'

I know the coons are
looking for a miner's
helmet for him


I know the problem of Halloween
out-and-out theft
would be cured by tying
strings around childrens' pantlegs

I'd even endorse a raccoon statue
along the Fox River
that flows close
to the old post office
our memorial ground

After all, we have riverside cement
and iron animals
- foxes, bears, dragon flies -
on our Riverwalk
let's elevate the lowly
sewer raccoon

Underscoring this scribbling
is the fact, bottom line,
that Waukeshans are

[DD '07]


85 year old man flies kites

You are old, father William,_Father_William


Did you want fries with that?
(A Wis Guthrie creation)


New US postage Dep't

Celebrating the coming total solar eclipse
the postal department has unleashed a new Forever stamp.

When you put warmth against the stamp, such as placing it under your forearm
on your desk or writing table
or pressing it with your thumb, the newly devised thermo-ink will allow 
the stamp to clearly show the face of the moon, back-lit.

In this illustration the red envelope has a stamp attached that is activated.
Beneath is shown the same stamp without applied body warmth.  Pretty bleak.