Saturday, July 22, 2017

Stars fell on (Alabama) Bayview WI; Three Bros beef burek from Lee and Zoe; Caring electric scooter rider; Lead therapist; Malaguena

A starry night...

"She never planned in her imagination
a situation so heavenly..."

(Family gathering, 2013)

...what an experience 
a trip to The Three Brothers
Serbian Restaurant in Bayview WI
would be like...

...until Leland took  her
(Zoe Middleton) 
- a world traveler -
to our favorite ethnic eatery
 last week while she was here from the home she shares with Lee in Houston TX.

Leland. steeped in appreciation for the Starry-Nighted restaurant
now in his own right, wanted to show his girlfriend a special time
in Milwaukee.

They brought us back a beef burek which we (Dee) correctly
reheated and served for dinner last evening.

My memories of the establishment and its fare came flooding back
as the crispy philo-doughed offering met my palette.


This was the philo beef burek from The Three Brothers
that Dee set before me last evening.

My friend the late Branko Radicevic, impresario of  the 3 Bros
smiled upon me once more...

  Unsung hero works the music venue
at Friday Night Live
recently zeroing in on a piece of trash paper with her grabber tool
and deposits it in her bucket.

Seen from our Odd Fellows window.


Our lead therapist at Linden Grove rehab, 
who with her therapy cohorts there took us from simplicities like using a grabber in our wheel chair to, in the end, walking out of the place. Temporarily on a walker. Broken hip is mended.

Tammy (lnu), Occ. Therapist, Linden Grove Communities, Mukwonago WI
Kindness radiates.  Photo from  a found public Linden Grove brochure.


Never blind to his music

Jose Feliciano


More Jose

and to finish this post ~
catching the flavor of the regional origins of the Serbian 3 Bros
who had this number on their juke box
years ago, ZORBA THE GREEK

~ or ~
notice Jose's faithful seeing eye dog at his side

~ or, and this really IT now ~


Lights off, writing over