Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fit for a king

The King! The King!
The raccoon king paid us another visit this morning. His blindness rapped on the door with his cut-down red and white cane, and we gave him immediate entrance. It's a rainy day in Waukesha, and he came attired in his royal rainslicker, dripping wet. We were not expecting any callers today.
It happened that he arrived just in time for a cup of cocoa which we were preparing for ourselves. We presented him with a good china cupful after he settled himself by the fire and we offered him his royal choice of spoons. We thought he would select our best sterling silver spoon, which we use daily for its perfect design and lip conformance, discounting its value in precious metal.
But the King, selected a novelty spoon we'd bought from Kruger's Antiques years ago. "Aha! I see you have a Charlie McCarthy spoon!" I'd like to use that!"
At first we were taken aback that he even knew who Charlie McCarthy was. But then remembered how truly old he is.
We had a delightful hour together and then he departed for his royal chamber beneath the old post office downtown, by way of the sewer entrance across the street.
"Always a pleasure."
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