Monday, February 9, 2009

"Money cannot buy" Dep't.

How available is that light?

Evidently sufficient unto the exposure, albeit

- I know, I know -

taken with only

a now-antique two (2) pixel Olympus hand-held digital.

Dee busies herself cutting a floral pattern from one of my old wallpaper books to make a greeting card for an ill parishioner. The SRN editor is smitten by the fact that she takes the time in these busy days and ages to do these economical things for "the Congo." It has ever been thus for as long as I've studied her, now over 25 years. Dee learned from her mother, a rural Maryland "waste not and want not"er.

Succeeding generations of Sunday-schoolers learning under Denise in Waukesha WI might not have otherwise received the many tendered scissor-cut careful outlines and hand-made and hand-written designs telling of her love and care. It has not been to save money, necessarily, that she does these things for others with her hands.

Her color sense is as good as or better than what might be instilled by a "higher" tutor.

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